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Not to distract from the good times with Crisp/Kearns/Marte/Michaels, but here is a little idea I stole from the McCovey Chronicles, a nice Giants blog.  They called it "The Five Year Itch."  I'm new here, so I apologize if this was done before.

I've taken bits of information from Sickels 2001 Minor League Scouting Notebook.  The first 15 below are players who were in the Tribe system at the time of publication (Feb. 2001).  The next 8 are players in other systems at time, but have since spent time in the Cleveland system. (On a related note, it's 30 degrees outside and I have no classes this week).  

Each entry starts by noting the highest level the player reached in 2000.  Feel free to post your guesses below (no cheating for those of you who still have the book!).  If we need it, I'll post the answers.  I don't think we'll need it.

Only those who are able to successfully answer all 23 are allowed to comment on Marte from here on out.


  1.  AAA ...power is above-average rather than excellent...likely destined to be a Triple-A slugger.
  2.  A  ...undrafted free agent in 1998...named as best defensive third baseman in the league...
  3.  MLB.   While teams seem to want ___, none seem to want to keep him...hard, sinking 90-MPH fastball...
  4.  A, fleet, quick, rapid, swift...even draws power.
  5.  R ...could have been a pure first-round pick in some recent draft classes...a very good curve...demonstrates pitching aptitude and control.
  6.  AA.  ... signed by the Indians to a four-year major league contract last winter.  He was supposed to be ready for the rotation right away, but looked terrible in spring training...
  7.  MLB  ...a perfect example of how to screw up a young pitcher...
  8.  AA  ...held his own in Double-A after the trade...needs to improve his breaking pitches, but he is intelligent and athletic.
  9.  AA ...Vallejo, Calif...awesome.
  10.  A-    ...won MVP honors in the short-season New York-Penn League, showing power as well as patience...
  11.  MLB ...looked like and up-and-coming bullpen force in 1999.  But he lost velocity last year...
  12.  A+   ...throws six or seven MPH less than his brother...
  13.  R  ...out of Cleveland State Community College...raw arm strength....
  14.  A-  ...dazzling in six starts for Mahoning Valley...has a good slider...louses touch when his windup gets out of gear, a common problem for tall pitchers.
  15.  AAA ...immediately paired him with shortstop Zach the "Infield of the Future."

1A. AA....solid player with a variety of skills..could hit 15-20 homers at his peak, especially in Coors...

2A.  A+  ...University of Hartford...a pretty lousy first baseman and is best cast as a DH.

3A. R ...most teams thought he would play football at the University of Washington.

4A.  A ...slider is promising but erratic...pitched in relief at times in college, and that may be his best role as a professional.

5A.  A+ ...formed a devastating one-two punch with Kevin Mench in the Class-A Charlotte lineup...

6A.  AA...his power and speed radiated in all their glory at ability if he refines it properly...concerns about his work ethic...

7A.  R  ...second-round choice from high school in Stark, Fla...overrun with injuries thus far.

8A.  A- ...hit six home runs in one game...won the Most Outstanding Player Award in the College World Series...

Update [2006-1-27 14:56:54 by dgcambridge]: Correction! Player 7A should be in the first section. He was in the Indians organization at the time. (In fact, I don't think he was every in any other, but I'm not sure.) My mistake.

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