Be the Yankees GM for the day!

I recognize that each and everyone one of us loyal Indians fans would first ask A-Rod to opt out of his contract and then trade Hughes, Kennedy, Chamberlain and Cano to the Indians for Tom Mastny. But it might just be a little more fun to put yourself in Brian Cashman's shoes and build a better $200M team. If you're Cahsman, what more could you ask for (aside from a 2007 WS ring)? You've got enormous payroll flexibility with huge contracts coming off the board in the next couple of years. Your farm system is flush with young pitching talent and you have the best position player in baseball on your team. I'd love to be offered Cashman's job. Well, to be more precise, I'd love to be offered a GM job where I had $200M in annual payroll and three stud pitching prospects. Since that isn't going to happen, I might as well speculate on what I'd do with this boatload of riches. I'll post my musings in the comments.

Any thoughts on what you'd do if you were the Yankees' GM?

Below is a list the Yankees' key position players and pitchers (along with their contract situation):

 C: Posada, Jorge (free agent)
1B: Giambi, Jason ($21M in 2008, $22M option with $5M buyout in 2009, no-trade)
2B: Cano, Robinson (under control thru 2010)
SS: Jeter, Derek ($20M/yr till 2010, no-trade)
3B: Rodriguez, Alex (essentially a free agent)
LF: Matsui, Hideki ($13M/yr thru 2009, no-trade)
CF: Cabrera, Melky (under control thru 2011)
RF: Abreu, Bobby ($16M team option for 2008)
DH: Damon, Johnny ($13M/yr, thru 2009, partial no-trade)

SP1: Wang, Chien Ming (under control for ?)
SP2: Pettitte, Andy ($16M player option for 2008)
SP3: Clemens, Roger (free agent)
SP4: Mussina, Mike ($11M for 2008, no-trade)
SP5: Hughes, Phil (under control thru 2013)

SU1: Chamberlain, Joba (under control thru 2013)
SU2: Farnsworth, Kyle ($5.5M in 2008)
CL: Rivera, Mariano (free agent)

Prospects of note: Ian Kennedy, Edwar Ramirez, Shelley Duncan, Jose Veras, Tyler Clippard, Dellin Betances, J Brent Cox, Humberto Sanchez, Jose Tabata, Ross Ohlendorf

Also draining the coffers: Carl Pavano ($11M in 2008, no-trade), Kei Igawa ($4M/yr thru 2011)

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