Game Three -- Media Review

Okay, due to several requests, I'm posting my media review following Game Three.  If these are tired, I'll stop.

What's Boston Saying?

According to Dan Shaughnessy, it's near panic, and they'll surely be in panic-mode if Wakefield gets hit hard tonight.

Shaughnessy -- remember, he's the wise sage who called the Sox "America's Team" that was bound for glory after game one -- is urging Francona to change his mind and go with Beckett.  He's doing so in print and in video clips.  Check it out: start/

You can also sense the consternation when you read the following line:

"Dave Roberts, Pedro Martínez, Orlando Cabrera, and Johnny Damon aren't walking through that door any time soon. The players who replaced them in Boston must play their parts to perfection."

That line is filed under the article titled, "Shaky Team Tries to Keep the Faith."

It's obviously hyperbolic -- the Sox don't need to be perfect to win this series -- but it's fun to see that The Nation seems to think so.  Hey folks, the Indians are good!

I won't even bother to post a link to Jackie MacMullan's piece on Daisuke; it can be summed up thusly: "We paid $100 million for THAT?"

Perhaps the most interesting piece out of Boston is one on Paul Byrd.  We've all heard that he's a Christian, but he talks more about his faith and returning from 2002 surgery:

"I don't say this to convert anybody, but I'm a Christian and I just prayed," Byrd said. "I didn't throw the ball very hard, and so I went out when nobody was around and I just prayed and said, 'Hey, I'm not looking at you here for healing, or anything like that, but I'd love to stay in the game." ot/

What do Sox fans think?

They're all over the map, really, but many of the regulars at want Beckett as well.

They are in unison on Ellsbury -- they want him to start tonight.

How about our fearless leader and his blog at Esquire?

Not up yet, but if you missed yesterday's entry, it offers an acerbic take on the rank mess that is the NL.

Over at, Tom Verducci fails to source his story.

He offers this interesting take:

"OK, you've probably heard too much already about those infamous sacrifice flies of Cleveland, the mighty midges that, unlike almost all AL hitters, knocked Yankees phenom Joba Chamberlain off his game.

But this is too good not to pass on: When the bugs started swarming Chamberlain, a local insect expert in Cleveland telephoned the Indians with an urgent message -- those bugs are called midges, and whatever you do, do NOT use insect repellent; midges are attracted to the stuff. The Yankees practically bathed in bug spray; the more Chamberlain put on, the more the bugs swarmed him. So there you go. The Yankees can spend $190 million on payroll and still leave a blatant weakness: no, not their middle relief -- their lack of an entymology expert."

Hey, Tom, great story.  Where'd you get it?  I mean, that's journalism 101.

Anything good over at

Well, Howard Bryant offers this unique take: Dice-K sucks!  Really!  Zzzzzz...

If you can dig it up, the Keith Law live chat last night was plenty entertaining.  I don't have it front of me, but off the top of my head, here are some favorite parts:

-He watches playoff baseball with the sound turned off.

-He has a burning hatred of JP Ricciardi.  Okay, that's my view of it.

-He thinks the Rockies are quickly becoming one of the most over-rated teams in history.

The Plain Dealer has an average day.

I strangely enjoyed Bill Livingston's piece on Lofton, the 1990s, League Park... wait, what EXACTLY was it about?  Aw, who knows.  His writing is always a trainwreck, but this will make you a little nostalgic. xml&coll=2

Terry Pluto's piece is harmless, but it's seemingly meant for fans who were trapped in a cave last night.

Joe Maxse apparently likes when players spout cliches:

Overall, not too bad, but nothing too insightful either.

And one more prop for Joe Buck.

I know I've mentioned this in other threads, but it deserves saying again: After the Lofton homer, he did not say a word for 54 seconds.  That shows that he is willing to let a great moment stand alone, unobstructed by superfluous words.  Good for him.

Go Tribe in game three!

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