Media Review: Game Four

I scan the media so you don't have to!

I'll start with my favorite developing storyline, which I'll title, "Let's Get Results-Oriented, Baby!"

Can you name who said the following:

"I can't believe somebody asked me that question," he said before the game regarding his choice for starting pitcher. "What we considered was trying to put our ballclub in the best position to win the series, and there's a lot of different reasons why we feel like that.  To change the rotation regardless of what the games are, doesn't make sense to me."

-Was it Eric Wedge regarding game four against the Yankees?
-Was it Eric Wedge regarding game four against the Red Sox
-Was it Terry Francona regarding game four against the Tribe?

It was Francona.  Sounds a lot like Wedge, doesn't he?  The reasons the media in Cleveland are holding Wedge up are the same reasons the media in Boston are ripping Francona apart.  Funny.

Meanwhile, can we all get over the idea that players "deserve" something?

Globe scribe Nick Cafardo writes, "Everyone was thumbs-up on going with Wakefield. Why? Because he deserved it. He won 17 games and had missed the Division Series with his back/shoulder ailment."

Hey Nick: It's not about who deserves anything. It's about doing what gives a team the best chance to win a series.  You can argue that sticking with Wakefield was the right course of action, but not because he "deserved it."

Jackie MacMullan says the Sox are tense, irritated, and in need of big changes.

She suggests dumping Coco for Ellsbury, and she suggests moving Pedroia out of the leadoff spot (in favor of whom, she does not say).

Then there's this passage:

"The contrast in the clubhouses before this game was striking. The young, freewheeling Indians were relaxed, animated, and glib. The Red Sox were quiet, strained, even a bit tense. And that was before they lost.  "We are a bunch of guys who [expletive] hate to lose," explained Ortiz before the first pitch."

According to MacMullan, Ortiz left without talking to reporters.  So, they're not exactly the portrait of a calm club ready to make a comeback, eh? page=2

You're gonna like what Bob Ryan has to say.

It starts with this: "You probably don't want to hear it, but if the Red Sox must lose to someone this year, let it be the Indians.  These people deserve it."

Ryan also strangely writes that Casey Blake "hit a lazy fly to left, and in this park, sometimes that's all you need."

Hey math guys -- educate Bob Ryan on Jacobs Field as a hitters vs. pitchers park!  

Kevin Youkilis is the Greek God of Excuses.

His drop of Asdrubal's popup was undeniably a huge mistake that allowed the gates to open for the Tribe.  But here's what he had to say about that play:

"Well, it wasn't an error."  

-- and about his missing a pickoff attempt by Jon Lester later in the game: "Look at the replay. The ball wasn't straight. Jon's got some good stuff on the ball, but I don't think I've ever been hit on the shoe before."

Now THAT is accountability, folks!  I didn't have the stomach to read his blog.

Gark's blog, on the other hand, is awesome.  And he wants some credit for Jhonny's homer!

But whoops, Ryan seems to have mistaken which pitcher gave up the home run to Peralta:

And if you're wondering: No, he does not mention Manny's antics.

Keep in mind that it was our own Jay Levin who was first in describing how the Red Sox "other" hitters were killing them!

Now everybody else is piling on.  The proof is here:

We're happily awaiting today's effort from Jay and Scott.

Over at the Plain Dealer, Bill Livingston loves Paul Byrd.

Nice piece, but it could easily have been written as a preview to game four, not a reaction.  But Livingston is all about reactions, not insightful previews.

He also declares that Wedge's "virtues are eternal."  I wish I had it in me to find the many pieces where Livingston trashed Wedge in the past. xml&coll=2

Bud Shaw is one weird guy.

Where the heck does he come up with the following line:

"Asdrubal Cabrera (was) apparently put on this planet to make people here forget Bip Roberts."

What am I missing?  What on EARTH does Bip Roberts have to do with anything?

I'll give credit to Shaw for the following line, though:

"Jhonny Peralta (is) turning the postseason into a commercial for laser-eye surgery." ;coll=2

I'm pretty sure Joe Maxse reads LGT!

He finally recognizes that when players spout cliches, he ought to push for better insight.  He gets some from Jhonny Peralta.

At, Tom Verducci is not making friends with TBS.

But he's spot on.  Here's his review of the TBS effort:

"The telecasts? Virtually unlistenable, with Chip Caray leading the way with his plethora of mistakes (his insistence that Jeter bunt with his team down two in the fifth was an insult to baseball fans) and an almost total lack of information that was either interesting or in proper context (why give us save stats for middle relievers when they come into a game?).  There's only one October? With TBS, we should be so lucky."

However, he falls into the same trap others are finding when ripping Francona for the same "virtues" that Wedge is displaying:  "Loyalty to veterans only goes so far, especially this time of year."

The rest of is a bore.

At, Bill Simmons is sad!

He ALSO rips Francona for going all Wedge-style.  Bill writes, "I continue to be mystified by this sudden collapse-in-progress, as well as the manager's abject unwillingness to shake things up in any way. Bizarre."

Here's how you know Simmons has jumped the shark: He's publishing absurd, childish emails from his fans like the following: "What's more distracting for Boston hitters: Byrd's old-time double windup, or the padding from his adult diapers?"

He also described our second baseman as "Ass-Dribble."

Hey, Bill, it's over.  You've got your Boston fans, but that's all that's left.

But Jerry Crasnick puts a nice piece together.

It's the espn front page lead!  The one thing I don't quite understand is his comparison of the potential Cleveland vs. Colorado World Series with the 1980s Browns vs. Broncos matchups.  I don't feel any need for "revenge" and it has a completely different feeling.  I'm happy for the Rockies; I just want to beat them.

Broadcasting Ups and Downs.

When The Cobra struck out Ortiz to end the top of the first, Buck and McCarver once again remained silent and allowed the raucous crowd and the confident stride of Paul Byrd to tell the story.  This is a nice trend we're seeing.

In the studio, though, someone dropped an idiot bomb.  Eric Karros asserted, about the Rockies, "They're not in the World Series because of their hitting, and it's not because of their pitching either.  It's because of their DEFENSE."  We get it, Eric: You had several seasons with league-high fielding percentages, and you think picking throws at first wins championships.

But I have to say I dig Joe Girardi.

This will be my last media roundup until at least next week -- thankfully, for you guys!

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