Review: Shapiro's Season-Ending News Conference

I thought there were some surprises, and I'm breaking down some of Mark's thoughts for people who haven't taken the time to listen to the whole thing.  [You can listen to the full audio here -Jay]

Sabathia - Shapiro says that one way or another, CC's contract status will be resolved heading into opening day next season.  More and more, Jay's predicted offer (4 years, $75 million) seems the likely outcome, with the Tribe holding onto Sabathia for another title run.

"You're not going to get week-by-week updates from me," he cautioned.  When asked if he would consider trading Sabathia if the contract seems impossible, he responded, "My firm expectation is that CC will be a Cleveland Indian no matter what the scenario next spring."  He says the Tribe's opportunity to contend for a title trumps the idea of a big trade.

Byrd - He cleary had no idea that Byrd had ever taken HGH.  He says he met with Byrd to talk about it and will let it play out.  But this casts serious doubt on some of Byrd's claims.

Hafner - Used interesting language to analyze Hafner's rough season.  Says he thinks Hafner tends to have a hard time "separating," which is a word Wedge and the team have repeatedly used to describe being able to move on from adversity.  Says he expects much better next season; no discussion of any possible injury, so that appears unlikely.

Borowksi - JoBo is coming back.  Mark made it clear that he's not the only one who makes these calls, but he feels JoBo has forced the Tribe's hand.  I'm on record saying JoBo is a great guy, but $4M is a large risk for a club with this payroll when they can hire someone else to handle low-leverage saves.

Payroll - Wouldn't speculate just yet.  He later added that this year's free agent class is thinner than Keira Knightley on Fast Day.

Asdrubal - Without saying it in these words, Mark said Asdrubal will start next year.  They admire the way he handled everything this year.  A better debate will be what position Droobs will play.

Lofton and Trot - They're gone.  At least, that's what it sounds like.  Mark pointed to Millwood as an example of a guy who came in, set a good example, and let the young guys learn from his example even after leaving.  He repeatedly used language such as, "Even if they're not back next season..."

Dellucci - As long as he's healthy, he'll play a lot.  Mark likes his leadership (seems to compare to Trot's clubhouse presence).  A good bet is 300 to 400 ABs if he can stay off the DL.

Westbrook - "An easy guy to root for, and an easy guy to believe in."  Kind of says it all, doesn't it?

The ALCS loss - Mark is just like so many of us!  Says he couldn't bring himself to watch ESPN or the like since it happened.  Awesome.

Raffy-L and J-Lew - Said these guys were on their radar even heading into the year.  Says they had designs on making Raffy-L a late lefty, and it worked out magically.

Said that Choo could be a factor next year, and Adam Miller could be as well.  Interestingly, used these words to describe Miller: "He could be a factor for us somewhere on the pitching staff."  Again I'll ask -- Is there no chance they envision Miller in the bullpen?

The print reporters seemed amazed that the front office had heard of these great young players!  Hey, PD and WKNR staff, feel free to read LGT or other great sources of prospect info.

On the Jake atmosphere - He says it was cool to watch Grady, Victor, et al get so excited by the rocking crowds.  Says the Jake can once again become a huge asset for the team throughout the season.

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