Minor Action: Winter Leagues

I've been trying to track down all the Indians playing in the Winter Leagues and recap how they've done.  This is my attempt at that.  Fill in the list with anyone I left off...Obviously performances in these leagues are a little hard to judge.  Small samples sizes, erratic playing time, variable competition, different environments, etc...

Mexican League
Roman Pena: Pena's a fringe prospect and is having a decent stint in Mexico.  Lots of strikeouts though.
Randy Newsom: Newsom had a nice stint in Arizona (complete with a Baseball America diary) but has had a couple of rough outings in Mexico.

Dominican League
Chris De La Cruz: De La Cruz is no more than a future utility guy, but had a nice 2007 between Kinston and Akron.  Not so good in limited action in the Dominican League.
Jason Cooper: I imagine Jason is doing this in part to audition for other teams looking for a reserve outfielder. It hasn't gone well though (.193/.302/.253).
Andy Marte: Oh no...the big name.  On the bright side he's got 13 walks in 101 plate appearances.  On the bad side he's got 25 Ks and hasn't hit at all (.608 OPS).
Jose Costanza: Costanza had a 2:1 K:BB ratio during the season this year.  In 80 ABs this winter he's got a 1:1 ratio.  Considering he has zero power, he'd be advised to keep that up.
Masato Kobayashi: I'm assuming this is our newly signed Masa (how many Masato Kobayashi relief pitchers can there be? -UPDATE: apparently more than one (almost). Our Masa is Masahide Kobayashi, so not this guy).  If so, the results are mixed. In 11 outings (10.2 IP) he's struck out 9 and only walked 1 (good), but also allowed 13 hits, 3 HRs, and 9 runs (bad).  Hasn't pitched since Nov. 24th...wonder if the Indians pulled him out.

Venezuelan League
Mariano Gomez: Gomez has somehow managed to be effective without showing good control or striking guys out.  He's kept that up in Venezuela as both a starter and reliever, covering nearly 40 innings. UPDATE: I should have noticed, Gomez was picked up by the Twins.
Asdrubal Cabrera: ASDRUBAL!...just started playing this past week.
Brian Slocum: The most important part for Slocum is simply that he's pitching, after missing much of 2007 with injuries.  That he's pitching pretty well is a nice bonus (2.35 ERA, 15.1 IP).  If healthy, Slocum's a definite 8th starter candidate.
Franklin Gutierrez: Following a recent hot streak, Gutz has probably had the best winter of anyone.  His .300/.364/.500 line is very similar to his combined numbers from the regular season (complete with a 3.5:1 K:BB ratio, though).

Hawaiian League
Reid Santos: One of our newest 40-man guys, Santos had an unattractive ERA (5.35) but 26 Ks and only 1 HR in 22.1 IP.
Erik Stiller: Stiller made 8 starts in Hawaii covering 32 innings while striking out 36 guys against 8 walks.  Let's hope the wind was blowing out in his starts, though, as he gave up 5 HRs contributing to a 1-4 record and 5.06 ERA.
Neil Wagner: Wagner got beat up pretty bad in Hawaii (9.68 ERA, .338 BAA).

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