Akron Aeros Today

While the Tribe was losing by one run in extra innings, the farm hands won by extra innings.  

Reid Santos started.  He has a splitter or a nasty slider that he controls pretty well.  Seemed like he couldn't get his fast ball over as well as his breaking stuff.  Oddly, seemed like he threw his stuff to get ahead in the count, then threw more fast balls.  He looked pretty good for five innings against a Portland team that didn't seem to have many big sticks in the lineup. My guess is that Santos will be in B'lo next year...maybe later this year.  Of course, that's based on just one viewing.  Indians Ink has him as the 20th prospect in the system.

Jeff Stevens pitched one inning.  We got Jeff in the Brandon Phillips trade.  Jeff gave up the only Portland run.  He did get one K.

TJ Burton pitched one inning.  He got a K, too.  He's been around awhile...drafted in 2001.

Scott Lewis pitched two.  Don't remember much about him.  They started to run together at this point.

Randy Newsom pitched one.  He's a side armer.  Struck out the side.

Brian Barton drives the ball well.  He scored the Aero's first run.  

Cabrera got one hit...the game winner in the bottom of the tenth.  I went Thursday night and he had a couple of hits, including a double.  In the two games, I haven't seen him have to handle anything out of the ordinary at SS, so I can't provide much info one way or another on that point.

Travis Crowe got two hits and a sac bunt.  He seems to drive the ball well.  Rodney Choy Foo also seems to drive the ball.  He got two hits, a walk, and got on via an FC.  He also missed a hit-and-run sign which I assume because Goleski got caught stealing by about 65 feet or so and he was looking down at third with a "Did I do that?" look on his face before the next pitch.

Michael Aubrey batted cleanup in spite of the fact that Portland started a LH.  He didn't look comfortable..Aubrey, not the Portland pitcher.

In the two games I went to this week, Akron has had trouble scoring runs even as it looks like they have some decent hitting.  

I think Cabrera, Barton, and Santos will be moving up later in the season depending on what happens in B'lo.  Not sure about the others. One last thing...I saw a name on the Portland roster that seemed familiar: Eric Crozier. Sure enough, we drafted him back in 2001, then traded him for Josh Phelps, whom I don't have any recollection of. I'm pretty sure I saw Crozier play at Akron a few years ago.

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