Minor League Roundup, Hootenanny, and Hogtie

Well, the Indians farm league affiliates continue to play baseball. Let's take a little tour of some recent action, shall we?

Buffalo has suddenly gone into the tank, losing 5 straight games dating back to the 14th. None of these games were particularly interesting.

Last night, the lumbering Bisons lost in 12, 3-2. Box

Somewhat fascinatingly, it was a battle of Indians and White Sox castoffs by the end, as Mike Koplove took the loss and the once highly touted David Aardsma got the win for the Charlotte Knights.

Nobody did much on offense, and no one of interest really played. By my estimation there are only a few players in Buffalo I really care to think about at this point: Marte, Miller, and Laffey.  Sean Smith walks batters, doesn't strike batters out, and generally doesn't impress me. Ed Mujica is just depressing.

Andy Marte continues his year long shame spiral. In his last ten games he's hitting .205 with no power or plate discipline. He's also struck out 13 times in that span. Just look at the stats for yourself. Bleh. I don't know what the hell is going on with Marte but I hope somebody gets it figured out soon.

It's been discussed elsewhere on the site so I won't harp on Adam Miller. Suffice to say there are some very good things since his return (he is a human K machine) and some bad things (he is a human walk/give up runs machine). He's topped out at 2.2 innings so far and I think he's probably just getting his feet under him. His K numbers are too good to ignore. Ever since his stint on the DL (not the downlow you pervs), he's struck out 13 batters in ten innings, including 4 in less than 3 innings of work his last two times out. Adam still looks really happy in his bio picture, so I'm going to be happy too.

I think Laffey is pitching today, since he last pitched on July 13, so there's not much to update there. Laffey is only 22 years old. Great. He's been very, very good in case anyone has failed to notice.

I'm pretty much obsessed with Asdrubal Cabrera, like a sorority chick and the TomKat baby. The whole reason I started this diary was to tell you guys:

Asdrubal went yard! Fun, right? He hit a walk off three run homerun in the 9th. Awesome.

Akron won last night, 9-7. Box

Akron is a fun place to be right now, mostly because of the shining light that is Asdrubal Cabrera. I imagine there are specials at all the local grocery stores and soda counters. Mmmm, I can taste that 3 for a dollar Toaster Asdrubals special now. I want the kind with frosting and fruit filling! I also want to hit that Italian place for the Spaghetti Asdrubals in Red Sauce.

Astrocab has actually kind of been slumping but his season numbers remain very robust. The homerun was his 8th of the year and his OPS sits at .870, good for 11th in the league, one slot behind Jordan Brown.

The only SS ahead of Asdrubal in OPS are a 26 year old guy named Jesus Merchan and Jed Lowrie, a Red Sox hand, Stanford product, and all around good prospect. In other words, Asdrubal is sitting pretty. I hope we're in for a power surge.

Lofgren has struggled a bit of late but he seems to be getting on the tracks, at least in terms of run prevention. His last time out he went 6, gave up 2 runs, but walked 3 and struck out 2.

Meh. Lest anyone forget Chuck Lofgren is 21 years old. Awesome.

Brian Barton continues to hit ok, but it's not that impressive considering his age or his position. He's about as steady as a minor league hitter can be between this year and last year but he just doesn't stick out. He also has the same number of homeruns as the MIGHTY ASDRUBAL. Basically, it's more of the same for Barton; it's not fair to call him mediocre but he's also not really earning a promotion, which he should be if he's a prospect.

Also, Brian Barton borrowed Josh Barfield's novelty eyebrows for his team photo.

The alluring Jordan Brown is looking stunning in his evening wear, and continues to intrigue. He's actually quite a bit younger than Barton, as Brown won't turn 24 until December. He's probably going to have a chance to contribute as a big league bench player or something if he can put together another season like this one at age 24 in Buffalo.  He's got bit time gap power, second in the league with 27 doubles. Only 7 HRs, one less than ASDRUBAL THE IMPALER but hopefully the doubles will translate soon enough.

Brown can clearly hit a little, but his BABIP is crazy high. However, he hit pretty well last year too and as Jay will tell us, hitting for average is a skill.

Trevor Crowe continues his bizarre season. He's now OPSing .963 in July, after having not posted an OPS over .600 in any previous month. It looks vaguely legit as he's got his doubles back (6 in July already) and some HR power (3 in July). Crowe continues to walk like a madman.

My interest in the minors wanes as this entry gets longer, but I'll try to zip through some highlights.

Hodges continues to be excellent and I hope he gets a bump by the end of the year. There's not great third base prospect in Akron and I'd like to see Hodges promoted aggressively.

MaxRam can really, really hit but the questions about his defense linger.

Beau Mills seems to have hit a considerably speed bump in his development as he hasn't quite figured out how to hit at Lake County. He's had some good games but overall the results are less than tepid. Disappointing because you'd like to see college guys get through a couple of low levels in time for their first full season but if he can get to Kinston by midseason next year it won't be any big blip.

I love Nick Weglarz. Young, big kid. Great power for his age, great plate discipline. Get on the train people. I'm hoping he ends next year in Akron, at the ripe old age of 20. That's probably wishful thinking but even if he starts the next season in Akron, that would be awesome.

Most of our best pitching otuside of AAA is shut down.  

Alright, sorry this was long on just about everything besides original insight.

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