On this date in Tribe history ...

Since 1967, the Tribe is 18-19 Overall, 13-10 at Home, 5-9 on the Road

In five years, the Tribe did not play on this date due to the '81 strike, rainouts and I believe an All-Star game/break or two.

Two doubleheaders were played, one in Chicago in '72 (lost both) and home against Boston in '67 (again, lost both).

Records against specific teams (Overall, Home):

White Sox 4-3, 4-0
Mariners 3-2, 2-2 (funny how we've played the Mariners second most on this date)
Tigers 2-2, 2-2
Royals 3-1, 2-1
Twins 1-2, 0-2
Red Sox 1-2, 0-2
Rangers 1-2, 1-0
Yankees 1-1, 1-0
Angels 0-1, 0-0
Brewers 1-0, 1-0
Orioles 0-1, 0-0
Blue Jays 0-1, 0-0
A's 1-1, 0-1

The Tribe has outscored the opposition 183-161 overall with 38 homers and 34 given up.

Notable HRs for the Tribe: Peralta, Hafner, Juan Gonzalez, Vizquel 2, Sexson, Thome, Belle, Jacoby, Thornton 3, Charboneau 2 (same game), Bobby Bonds, Rico Carty 2, Buddy Bell, Nettles, Vida Pinson, Joe Azcue.

Notable opponent HRs: Paul O'Neill, Sorrento, Joe Carter, Edgar Martinez, Griffey Jr., Fisk 2, Tabler, Kirk Gibson, Ted Cox 2 (same game), Fred Lynn 2 (same game), Willie Horton, Dick Allen, Carlos May 2 (same game), Boog Powell, Brooks Robinson, Yaz, Conigliaro 2 (both ends of DH)

Only guys to do it both for the Tribe and as an opponent: Sorrento and Tabler

Longest win streak 6 ('00 to '05); Longest losing streak 4 (3 times, last '96 to `99)

Most starts for Tribe: 3 - Candiotti ('99, '90, `87), 2 - Rod Nichols ('92, '91), Barker ('83, '82), Sam McDowell ('71, '70) [Westbrook will make his 2nd tonite ('06, '07)]

Have never faced same opponent SP twice, but some notables include - Liriano, Meche, Pettitte, Buerhle, Radke, Cone, Hentgen, Randy Johnson, Appier, Welch, Gubicza, Finley, Hough, J Morris, Jim Beattie, Wilbur Wood, Paul Splittorff, Jim Lonberg, and a guy named Reggie Cleveland.

Now why did I do all this research you ask?

Well today is my 40th birthday, figured I'd try to see how my boys did historically on this date. Poetic too, that we face the Red Sox again, 40 years later.

My prediction is somewhere around 6-3, Westbrook with the win, Borowski with the save and at least one homer from Grady, Pronk, OR Jhonny (although Vic is do to hit one on my Bday one of these years since most of our power guys have hit HRs on my Bday).


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