LGT Fictional Fantasy Baseball

I have recently gotten into a baseball simulator called Out of the Park Baseball, one of the more popular simulators out there. I must say that their new 2007 version is so in-depth and fantastic. I haven't thought this highly of a simulator since Baseball Pro '97. I'll basically save the sales pitch of OOTP07, since I'm sure you can read all about it on their website, but what I want to do is see who is interested in starting up an online league using fictional teams and players, but managed by the guys and gals of the LGT universe. The preliminary plan for me is to simulate two weeks of games for the season each weekend (Saturday and Sunday). This, of course, can be altered depending on feedback and everyone's schedules, but that's the ballpark idea of a simulation timeframe.

The good news is: you don't even need to own a copy of OOTP07 to play. All of your statistical dreams will be available to view on my web server, in a nice format for all managers.

So, here's what we'll do with this diary entry. If you are interested in playing in this startup fictional league, please leave a reply with the following information, and if there's a significant interest, we'll get a league started!

--Personal Information Needed--
Email Address:
Birth Month + Day: (n.b. only used for managerial accuracy, not collected for identity theft... hence the year not being necessary)

--Your Team Information--
Team City:
Team Nickname:
Team Logo: (just a link to the logo you want your team to use- and if it's a professional team's logo make sure it's obscure and not mainstream)
Ballpark Name:
Ballpark Template: (please list a current or historical ballpark that your team will play in that will copy field dimensions and ballpark factors)

--League Preferences You'd Like to See--
(you may choose all, some, or none of these options)

Inaugural Draft: (yes- you draft your players- or no- you are assigned players)
Minor League Levels: (AAA, AA, single A, short season A, rookie, college, high school)
Independent Leagues: (Japanese, Korean, Taiwanese, Mexican, Cuban, Mexican Winter, Dominican Winter, Puerto Rican Winter, Venezuelan Winter)
Rule 5 Draft: (yes or no)
Designated Hitter: (yes or no)
Amateur Draft Rounds: (3-10)
Salary Cap: (yes- at what level- or no)
Games per Season: (40, 81, 162)
Season Settings: (1901-2006... season will start in year 2007, but this will allow the league to mirror the environment of a previous MLB season)

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