Offensive (Numb)ers.....not good.

So instead of watching one of my most hated teams beat the crap out of my beloved Indians, I decided to look at the numbers for the offense in the last two months compared to the two months previous to that, as we were coasting into the break (aka playing around .500 ball) if memory serves correct (we were 15-13 in June and 12-14 in July).

So I looked at BB+HBP, K, R/G. We all know what the numbers were going to tell right? walking less, striking out more, scoring less,,etc. But I figured whatever can waste my time away from watching the game is worth it at this point. Now I share the fruits of my labor:

May and June
BB/G = 3.88
K/G = 7.09
R/G = 5.45

July and August
BB/G = 3.33
K/G = 8.03
R/G = 4.36

Month    BABIP  OBP   SLG   ISO
May =     .335   .367  .475  .180
June =    .308   .343  .426  .154
July =     .294   .326  .419  .164
August = .296   .290  .359  .119

I'm going to contend that its the OBP...more specifically we are striking out too much, part of this may be due to the jump (relatively) in ISO between June and July, but our OBP dropped almost .40 points, adding in the horrible month of August and the amazing month of May shows more than a run a game drop in scoring. This is not good. The reason I wanted to look at BBs and Ks came from that comment that Scott Baker of the Twins made following his last start against us, Ryan had presented the quote in his writeup  after the game. In my mind, this is where the hitting coach and manager (Wedge the master of even keel) need to (which I am sure/hope they are trying) to work with our hitters to see what they were doing so well earlier in the season (May/June) versus the last month and half. This offense has been slumping for a while. I'm confident in our pitching down the stretch now that they have removed C.Lee and Westbrook is back. All we really need is another month and a half of good hitting and we can put some distance between us and the Tigers. I'm afraid they're pitching will start to come around (Bonderman and Verlander aren't this bad) and we will have wasted an opportunity to take charge of the division and give ourselves a little bit of a cushion so that we could take it easy on guys like Carmona down the stretch.


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