Shapiro and the Draft

With all the talk about the draft deadline, and the porcello signing in particular, I had read some posters complaints of Shapiro's drafts, and I started to get curious about how those drafts have turned/turning out.

I started with the 2006 draft and stopped at the 2001 draft which I believe was the first official Shapiro draft.  I have listed the notable players, along with where they are now, and some very crude commentary.  It seems to me that are drafts haven't been as successful as they could be, but that might have something to do with the excellent job that Shapiro has done in Latin America, aquiring prospects via trades, or a reflection of the difficulties of the mlb amatuer draft.  I don't think these are terrible drafts, but simply average, and given our successes in other areas, I would expect a little more.  I haven't gone through other team's drafts during this time period, so maybe it is better than I than I think. I was wondering what the thoughts were on this?

2006 draft

  1. David huff-lhp-High A- hurt
  2. Josh Rodriguez-ss-high a-won't stay at short, but has hit for some power
3.Wes Hodges-3b-high a-playing good, start next year at akron
  1. Matt Mcbride-c-low a-lot of doubles, no word on his d, should start next year at Kinston
  2. Steven Wright-rhp-has gotten hit pretty hard, but nice k/9
  3. Adam davis-ss/2b-low a-inconsistent year, going nowhere
  4. Ryan morris-lhp-young, looked good in rookie ball, hasn't had success at low a yet
  5. Jared Goedert-3b/2b-high a-tore up low a, hasn't had  success at high a yet
2005 draft
  1. Trevor crowe-cf-aa-has not had success at aa yet for a full season.  Struggled there to end last year, and first half of this year.  Has picked it up of late, but still a major disappointment.
  2. John Drennan-of-at high a, young for his level, has struggled at high a, seems to have a hole in his swing, lots of ks.
  3. Steven head-1b-aa-never had success at high a, but got promoted anyway.  Doubtful that he will ever contribute.
  4. Jensen Lewis-rhp-Cleveland-is a member of the Indians bullpen, should become a solid middle innings guy.
  5. Nicholas Weglarz-lf-low a-young and mashing the ball, has tremendous power and good eye, 3 true outcomes guy, might not be able to stay in left.
  6. Jordan Brown-1b/of-aa-is banged up right now, but has had a good year, high average, lots of doubles, but needs to turn some into homers.  Would help if he can play left also.
  7. The rest-some college pitchers in high a, pitching okay, and an outfielder struggling in low a.
2004 draft
  1. Jeremy Sowers-lhp-aaa-had success with the big league club last year, despite bad peripherals, came back to earth and then some this year.  Has been demoted, and can't seem to find the success he had there the first time around.
  2. Justin Hoyman-rhp-hurt I guess, haven't heard much from him.
  3. Scott Lewis-lhp-aa-pitched good, not great, but still only 23.  Not sure if he will start next year in aa or aaa.
  4. Chuck Lofgren-lhp-aa-has hit a bit of a bump at aa, hasn't been able to match the success he had at lower levels, but still 21.
  5. Tony Sipp-lhp-hurt, but may still be a contributor from the pen.
2003 draft
  1. Mike Aubrey-1b-aa-he is hurt for the 27th time, and is probably done
  2. Adam Miller-rhp-aaa-hurt again, has massive potential, but needs to stay on the diamond.
  3. Brad Snyder-of-aaa-hurt, done.
  4. Ryan Garko-1b-Cleveland-is a major contributor for the tribe.
  5. Kevin Kouzmanoff-3b-San Diego-was traded, along with Andrew brown for Josh Barfield.
  6. Aaron Laffey-lhp-aaa-had a brief stint with Indians, should be a member of the 2008 rotation.
2002 draft
  1. Jeremy Guthrie-rhp-Baltimore-never contributed to the Indians
  2. Micah Schilling-2b-flop
  3. Matt Whitney-1b-high a-has started to play well at Kinston, 23, was set back by a freak accident in which is leg was broken badly.  Hasn't shown plate discipline, but has hit for major power, and decent average this year between low and high a.
  4. Brian Slocum-rhp-aaa-hurt, but may still contribute, but not likely.
2001 draft

1. Luke scott used as part of trade for Jerome Robertson.  Everything else is pretty much empty.

Feel free to add anyone that I have forgotten and sorry for the long first post.

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