Why it's good to be an Indians fan

It took a few days to write this, since I've still been in shock after having the misfortune to view the Jhonny bunting fiasco in person, but this thought washed over my mind after Saturday's game at Minnesota.

I was walking around after the game on Saturday, a tough loss, which in my mind have seemed all too frequent lately. A Twins fan piped up "Go Indians" trying to mock me (wearing my Grady jersey and script I cap), to which I merely smirked. Then, he turned around, and I saw it.

He was wearing a Nick Punto jersey. I F you not.

So, how does this relate to the diary subject? Well, as soon as I saw his jersey I instantly realized that no matter how much the Indians frustrate me - and the rest of us - we support an organization that gets it.

E5 and others hate on Shapiro for getting rid of Phillips and Guthrie, but ultimately the job our general manager has done in 5 years has been nothing short of phenomenal. Shapiro, his love for character guys not withstanding, understands how to build a good baseball team, and understands what makes a baseball player good (there's been no shortage of references to his OBP comment in the booth directed at Underwood).

Wedge, for as much as I may despise him, is not a terrible manager. He may drive some of us crazy sometimes, but I've seen baseball managers do some absolutely horrifically stupid things. The fact that he has only made a few mistakes of that caliber this year is a good thing.

Maybe more than anything, I love the fact that for someone who believes themselves to be an intelligent baseball fan, I follow the organization I described above.

We support an organization that doesn't play Nick Punto regularly, but rather uses research and intelligence to find talent.

I am clearly a hardcore Sabermetric advocate, so this may seem partly grating to those not of the same opinions. But from an organizational standpoint, there is no team I'd rather follow right now.

I'm rambling. GO TRIBE!

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