Generally O/T: Beers

I'm back in Maui and my biologic clock is still on Eastern Standard Time.  So it's 4:15 AM and I'm up and trying not to wake the rest of the household, cuz they'll be hell to pay if I wake up Mauidaisy or any of the Maui-ettes.  So anywho I was pondering the lack of respect given to one of Cleveland's great brewery's - no not Great Lakes - but the Carling Brewery once located on E93rd and Quincy.  Now I know you're thinking, "What the hell has this gotta do with the Indians?"  Well the answer is obvious to us old timers.  Carling - and specifically Black Label beer - was the long time sponsor of Cleveland Indians baseball on WJW Channel 8 in the late `50's to early `70's and the only beer served at the old Cleveland Municipal Stadium during Indians baseball for a long time  
Here's the Carling website.  You'll note that neither Guinness nor Harp's nor Whitbread are the number one beers in the UK - Carling's Black Label is.  (Let me know if this ain't true TribeFanInLondon)

I've included a coupla other old time beer websites so you guys can read about beers and brewery's that existed before the monoliths like Bud and Miller took over.  Some of these beers were truly swill and some were surprisingly good - especially if you plan a drinking a whole case.  

You can see how often brewery's changed hands and how some "local" beers were actually produced by one of the big, national brewers.  Similar labeling schemes are going on now.  You'll note that this Sam Adams character outta Boston seems to be like the Borg -absorbing every small to medium size brewery in America.  

This micro-brewery thing is really not new - just old beer in new bottles.

Here's a far from complete list of websites focused on Cleveland area beers of the past and present.  It's a mishmash of sources and in some cases I hadda use that resource of last resort - Wikipedia.  

Blatz Beer
Duke Beer
Falstaff Beer
Genesee Cream Ale
Hudepohl Beer
Iron City Beer
Old Dutch Beer
Old Frothingslosh Boch Beer
Old Vienna Ale
P.O.C. Beer
Pabst Blue Ribbon Beer
Rolling Rock
Schaefer Beer
Schlitz Beer
Schoenling Little Kings Ale
Strohs Beer
Wiedemann Beer

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