Kenny Lofton #2

Let me clear a few things up...
     1. I made a mistake. I thought there was an extra spot open on the team because I counted out Aaron Fultz for some reason when I was trying to figure out our 25 man roster. This still doesn't change my opinion on adding Lofton.
     2. I think that Ben Francisco is probably a better player then Lofton at this point in Lofton's career but I don't think Michaels is. I only said that we should send Ben down because I know Shapiro won't get rid of Michaels and Francisco has options.
     3. I want to see an outfield that has Dellucci and Blake platooning (that way Marte can play third once in awhile and if he sucks bring up Francisco), Sizemore in Center, Gutz in right, and Lofton coming off the bench (not platooning).
     4. A players value cannot always be measured by statistics. If you don't think experience and leadership are important then you have never played for or coached a winning sports team. Lofton is also important when it comes to ticket sales, merchandise and the Beckett/Lofton feud was fun to watch.
     5. As of right now our team will most likely include these 25 players... 12 pitchers, Victor, Shoppach, Garko, Hafner, Cabrera, Peralta, Blake, Marte, Carroll, Sizemore, Gutz, Dellucci, and Michaels. Our bench against right-handed pitchers will be Shoppach, Marte, Carroll and Michaels. If Blake, Gutz and/or Dellucci are in a slump and we need someone off the bench to hit against the other teams closer/setup man, (mostly right-handed pitchers) I would want to see Lofton before any of those other guys.
     6. I don't think Kenny Lofton is going to win the MVP award, steal 100 bases or win a gold glove. I don't think he should be a starter. I wouldn't even expect him to be a platoon player. All I would like to see is Shapiro trade/cut Michaels and sign Lofton for a no risk $600,000 major league contract. If he doesn't do that good then bring up Ben, Choo or Snyder.
     7. I already said I was partial to the 90's Indians but I would make the same case for Shawn Green, Corey Patterson (signed with the Reds) or Barry Bonds (off-field issues and unrealistic chance of bringing him in for a minimum contract).

John Smith #1:
        R    H    2B   HR  RBI  SB  BB   AVG  OBP
2007-  86   145   25    7   38  23  56  .296 .367
Car.- 1528  2428 383  130  781  622 945 .299 .372
06-07: AB - 959 SO - 93
Total Playoff Games: 95

John Smith #2:
        R    H   2B   HR  RBI  SB  BB   AVG   OBP
2007-  43   72   11    7   39   3  20  .270  .324
2006*- 77   132  32    9   55   9  43  .267  .326
Car.-  254  439  92   37  194  18 177  .280  .354
06-07: AB - 761 SO - 151
Total Playoff Games: 2

2006* - Better comparison because John Smith #2 played a full season

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