Early impressions

We all know Spring Training performances are fairly meaningless for most of the guys in camp.  Only a few guys are likely to impact their assignment with their performance.  Nevertheless, we've got baseball, so we might as well talk about it:

The Good
Grady - Wedge is easing Grady and some of the other regulars into the rotation, but Grady's been unstoppable when he's played (5-8, 2BB)

Shoppach - He's faced a lot of bad pitchers, but 6 walks in 13 plate appearances is nice to see from Shoppach (along with 2 2Bs)

Garko - A double and HR in today's game

Aubrey - Nobody say a word... (5-10, 0Ks)

Super Beau Mills - He's mainly been a late inning replacement, but I'm impressed by how much time he has seen and how he has performed

Francisco - Along with Trevor Crowe, he's seen the most time at the plate and he's taken advantage of it.  Word is he's been putting extra time in on his defense as well...

Gutz - 12 ABs, 0 Ks

Barfield - Somewhat mixed (6 Ks), but 3 BBs in 20 PAs is dramatically better than his rate from last season

Mastny - The best pitcher in camp so far, 9 Ks, no runs in 5 IP...he has to look like the favorite for the last bullpen spot right now

Elarton - He doesn't overpower guys, but he's only given up 2 hits in 4.1 IP

Jeff Harris - See Elarton.  Or talk to that Seattle fan...

The Bad
Jamey Carroll - I know he just had twins or something, but it'd be nice if he had a hit sometime this month (0-11)

Jason Michaels - I wonder if he realizes how much better Francisco has looked so far (1-13)

Brad Snyder Could be worse, and he's looked good in the field, but 3-17 with 4Ks isn't great

Jhonny - He hasn't realy seen any regular action yet (2-12, 5Ks)

Casey - 1-9 and yet another LOBlake moment with the bases loaded

Laffey - 9 walks in 4 innings, anyone check his Facebook status?

JoBo - no save situation, no problem

Mujica - If he was trying to outduel Mastny, he hasn't succeeded

Lee - "...the kitten sleeps tonight..."

Lofgren - 5 walks, 1 K

Fultz - Still hoping Wedge installs an "oval of trust" this season, with a little more room around the edges (4IP, 3ER, 2BB)

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