Walking in Kinston, Hoynes is still Hoynes, and other media musings.

Now back at home, I'm excited to get back to posting in game and fanpost threads more regularly.  Some recent media irked me (and some impressed me), so here's a little roundup, complete with holier-than-thou condescension and snark.

If you're not really an insider, you're just an idiot fan who likes to speculate.

Paul Hoynes offers the super-insidery tidbit that "Francisco's stay could be brief."  Then he quotes Wedge as saying, "You never know what will happen.  I told him to stay ready."

So, essentially, Francisco is up, but might be sent back down soon, but might not.  Thanks for that.

Oh, and Jeremy Sowers has a sample size-free 20.25 ERA in his career against the Yankees.  So that's something.

Speaking of the Yankees, JoePos nails it.

Great stuff as usual, with the added bonus of targeting Chuck's burning nemesis.  Though I have to say that I grew to like Paul O'Neill in the booth very much last year -- especially when comparing him to his counterparts on other broadcasts.

Holy crap, 40 at bats, 20 walks.

Of course I'm speaking of... what's his name again...

Anyway, Kinston Tribers are taking a bunch of pitches.  If only that will translate as they progress.  And if only the real Tribers would follow suit.  Cause right now we're walking less than Steven Hawking.

Can we end the practice of quoting unnamed scouts?

Cause it's almost always worthless.  But Jayson Stark sees fit to quote the unnamed scout to bolster his assertion that Cliff Lee's insane start is "more real than not."  I certainly hope that's true.

"I think he has to be for real," Stark quotes the wise scout as saying. "He's pitched this way before. Now he's showing the same ability again. And the only glitch was when he got hurt. So why wouldn't he be for real?"

The "only glitch" was when he got hurt?  I can think of a suitcase full of glitches.  But again, here's hoping.

And Jon Heyman thinks he's clever.  But not so timely, it turns out.

"C.C. could stand for Crazy Control."  Good one!  Very biting.

But I'm more interested in the end of his piece, where he lists some walk-year performances.  Many lazy media scribes love to haul out the meme that walk-year equals extra motivation.  I haven't seen anyone do any kind of research to either back this up or (much more likely) take this idea apart.

So if anyone has come across those kinds of numbers, I'd love to see them.  And then I'd mail them to every mainstream sportswriter.

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