Does downtown suck? Only if it's re-named Souvenir City.

Checking out the media this week...

I love this headline.

That's mainly because I was angered by the split.  Cue Jayson Stark telling us when the last time a team played a doubleheader and its two starters went 9 / 0.  Anyway, my response to Eric would be to bunt more.  Everyone should bunt.  Bunt bunt bunt.

Is downtown really this rough?

I don't get back to downtown Cleveland more than once or twice a year now, but I thought this Globe & Mail blogger's take was excessive: Cleveland is a "sad metropolis that turns into a ghost town at nights and over the weekends."

I wish I would have come up with this idea.

A very nice series on beisbol in the DR from Slate.

I'm beginning to like this blog more and more.

At first I was lukewarm to Anthony Castrovince's blog; I went to college with him, and he was roundly unimpressive then.  As in, Andrew Swift could out-write and out-clever him using only two fingers and 20% of his brain.  But I think Anthony has worked hard to improve his writing and sourcing, and his blog is a lot of fun.  He's got a funny entry on Wikipedia today.

A whiny rant about the DH.

I like to check out the media for teams we're about to play, and I thought this column was silly.  The author essentially argues, "Every late and close situation should be superstar hitter vs. pitcher.  Blah blah I don't like when middle infielders have to bat with the game on the line."  And is there some sort of rule in the NL that prohibits Carlos Beltran from pinch-hitting?

Why do you have a mailbag if you can't answer mail?

Dear John Donovan,

When a reader makes a stupid comment, you can either print their email and refute it in swift, simple, devastating fashion, or you can not print it at all.  Otherwise, what's the point?  (I'm referring to the Sizemore overrated letter).

Six-year olds know more than some managers.

The inimitable JoePos has a rant against the intentional walk, complete with too-cute-to-believe anecdote.  Have you read his blog lately?  The man is prolific.

Nothing gets Manny Downs.  Okay, mildly Downs.

Really, this gets a headline?  He's probably right, and definitely an ass.

And finally, some random observations.

The PD's Tribe section online sucks.  The whole online PD is a mess, really.  You've got half the article printed on the main page.  Readers can't tell if an item was technically an "article," "column," or "blog post."  And that's not really a blog they have; I'm amazed they haven't hired someone who can blog or can teach their writers to blog.

I know I dog Underwood and Manning, but they deserve it.  Just from memory, here are three standouts from yesterday:

Underwood, commenting on a 2-1 count with a runner on first: "This is a good count to try a hit and run or some other offensive play."  What other play would that be? 

Underwood's reaction to AbaCab's dinger: "It's outta here, a la Robbie Alomar!"  I said this in the game thread, but what kind of idiot references one of the worst moments in your team's history to describe a May home run?

And someone needs to tell Manning that the camera angle from center field does not show a straight-on view to judge balls and strikes.  Three times he declared a pitch to be "way off the plate," only to have replay and technology prove him wrong.  And yet he still declared that he was correct.

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