Wedge: using the media or blowing off steam?

Sheldon Ocker, in Saturday's article , again references Wedge's disappointment and disdain with the quality of the team's offensive approach in Thursday's win. 

''You have to pull yourself back and assess things, maybe talk to the coaches,'' Wedge said.


''Last night, I got the hell out of here,'' he said.

When things aren't going smoothly, Wedge makes sure to leave his anger at Progressive Field and have some idea how he will initiate corrective measures the next day.

''That's what I did last night,'' he said. ''I sorted it out, so when my head hit the pillow I would have some clarity when I woke up. I'm a big believer in separating (from one game to the next). I have my moments, but I try to keep those private.''

It seems like Wedge here is offering an explanation for his anger from the post-game comments after Thursday's game.  At first, when I read some of those quotes on Friday, I just skimmed through and couldn't figure out why he'd choose to react this way - through the media after a victory.  After all, I was just glad that they won, Blake's 4 strikeout performance be damned.  So, I went back to Friday's paper and the quotes from directly after the game.  Here's the set that drew the most reaction from us at LGT:

''I wasn't happy with our at-bats tonight,'' Wedge said. ''Our at-bats have to get better. We have to stick our nose in there with two strikes [and not be timid]. We have to concentrate and be disciplined every at-bat.''

Wedge's voice rose as he continued: ''That's the only way we've done it in the past, and that's the way we need to do it now. It's not OK to do it one day and not the next or for one guy to do it and the next guy not to. I try to be as positive as I can, but it's time for us to turn the corner.''

Seems like a true, non-premeditated reaction, I think.  And, it really shows his frustration with the state of the offense (as further evidenced by line-up changes, etc.). 

Some thoughts/questions before I completely lose my train of thought:

-Can Wedge's post-game comments/anger be seen as anything more than venting?  Was he '"pulling a Leyland" and using the media as a source of motivation/way of calling out particular players?  Was this an out-of-character moment for Wedge?

-Could it be that Wedge, in his post-game comments, was directly calling out everyone's favorite Shocker, the Beard?  And, might this finally be seen as a sign that Blake has been put on notice, so to speak?  Was the method behind his madness?

-Or, alternatively, did Wedge wake up on Friday, realize that he may have been too raw in his comments after the game and decide to explain his reactions, diffusing the tension that they may have caused? 

-Or, much ado about nothing?


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