Review of MLB At Bat for iPhone

With the launch of the iphone App Store and the ability for 3rd party developers to write software for Apple's iPhone, MLB has introduced a $4.95 application designed particularly for the iPhone.


The main screen has the top 2/3 dedicated to todays scoreboard. The bottom 1/3 shows the game of your choice.




The scoreboard area shows:

  • each game
  • the score
  • the inning
  • and has a video icon to a link to a separate page of the application that has highlight clips for the selected game
Selecting the game changes the detail section below to the selected game. Swiping to the right switches to the previous days games with video highlight links. Swiping to the left shows the next days games.

Game Details

The game detail shows:


  • The line score
  • A graphic representation of the field with any baserunners shown in by making the bases red.
  • Current count.  
  • Current pitcher with record and ERA.  
  • Current batter with the current games hits and at bats and season batting average.
  • A clickable image of a globe which opens mobile safari and the current play-by-play view of the game
Scores update every minute.

Video Highlights

The video highlight screen shows:

  • a thumbnail of the video
  • short description
  • the length
  • the time
  • a status indicator about whether you have viewed the video or not

Clicking on the video rotates the image and shows a high quality clips with the widescreen.

Pros and Cons


  • You can watch high quality video highlights away from the computer.  Fast on wi-fi, don't know about 3g but imagine it will be pretty fine.
  • Videos are difficult to dive in to and watch a few in a row. Considering they don't autoplay in sequence, you have to keep flipping the phone to widescreen and back if you want to click through videos
  • It has less than the mlb mobile site in every area other than the ability to watch the clips. 
I spent my $4.95 and perhaps it was worth it, but I don't really so using the app unless they improve it. You can't tell a pitcher's pitch count, you can't see who is in the lineup, you can't read a preview of tomorrow's game or a summary of yesterday's game.  It's just a dressed up way to watch video clips when you're not at a full computer. Perhaps they'll add more functionality, but for now it's nothing to get too excited about.




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