Minor Gainers and Losers

We've had posts on the statistical performance of some of our more exciting minor league hitters and pitchers.  Here is my take on guys who have improved their stock, declined, or just stayed in line with expectations.  This list is not quite as exclusionary as Jay's Exciting Prospect List, but is focused on guys who are or might be interesting at some point.

Jordan Brown (DOWN): After two seasons of maintaining a high average with great plate discipline and lots of doubles, hopes for Brown were that he'd maintain the first two and start to turn a few of those doubles into HRs.  Instead his plate discipline has gone down fairly dramatically (BB% 12.5>7.5, K% 9.9>14.3) and he has actually lost power.

Chris Gimenez (EVEN): Gimenez forced himself into the interesting category by blasting Eastern League pitching to the tune of a 1.024 for the first two months of the season.  His transition to AAA has not gone well, though (.613 OPS)

Adam Miller (DOWN): "If you don't have your health, you don't have anything"

David Huff (UP): After missing almost all of 2007, Huff has emerged as our best pitching prospect by crushing AA and AAA hitters.  Huff's numbers have actually improved since his promotion from Akron to Buffalo (K/PA% 24.5>27.9, BB/PA% 5.5>2.9).  The FO is monitoring his innings since he's coming off injury, so we may not see him in Cleveland till next season.  He looks ready, though.

Jeff Stevens (EVEN): His control is down a little from last year, but he is still striking out guys at a better than 1.25/IP rate at the AAA level.

Wyatt Torregas (EVEN): Entered this season as the emergency 3rd catcher by starting at Buffalo.  Showed next to no ability to hit and eventually got demoted to work with Akron's hitting coach.  Now looks like Babe Ruth with a .347/.435/.787 line in just under a month at Akron.  If he can hit 2/3 of that in Cleveland  he's a very respectable backup option behind the plate.

Trevor Crowe (EVEN): Performance (.921OPS) would suggest he's gone up (and re-enetered the interesting category).  Unfortunately his performance has been limited by injuries. 

Wes Hodges (EVEN): Steady as she goes for Hodges (.313/.387/.470, 31 XBHs).

Josh Rodriguez (EVEN): Still sticking in the middle infield and his numbers have been trending upwards (+.400 OBP since April).

Chuck Lofgren (DOWN): With the exception of two starts in May for Lofgren, it's been  pretty bleak.  Control problems and way too hittable for a guy with his stuff.

Reid Santos (DOWN): Earned a 40-man spot in the offseason because of last season's performance.  Earned a demotion back to Akron after allowing batters to hit .378 off him. 

Tony Sipp (UP): Pitching again.

Luis Perdomo (UP): As a 23-year old in Lake County last year, wasn't worth paying attention to despite good numbers.  But now he's worked his way to Akron and is still putting up good numbers out of the pen.

Nick Weglarz (UP): Ok...I wish he had about 25 HRs already, but he is just 20.  And while his power numbers are down a little right now from last year, he has upped his BB% and lowered his K% substantially.

Beau Mills (UP): Mills has also made some improvements in his K:BB numbers and has actually added a little power. Like Weglarz, not way up, but up.

Jared Goedert (DOWN): Goedert's got a thin margin of error because of his age (although made wider by his switch to 2B) and needs to be exceeding expectations to keep raising his ceiling.  He's been ok this year, but his BB% and power numbers are both down.

Carlos Rivero (EVEN): His numbers aren't super, but they're improving, and he's still a very young shortstop at high-A.

John Drennen (DOWN): He'll always have Roger Clemens...

Hector Rondon (UP): His Futures Game appearance solidifies his transition from interesting young guy to legit high-ceiling starting pitching prospect.  That and 107Ks in 99 innings.

Josh Tomlin (UP): Tomlin's not going to matter much till he gets to Akron because of his age, but he's got 73Ks and just 9 walks!  And he's worked as both a starter and a bullpen guy.  Move him up!

Jeanmar Gomez (DOWN): Gomez hasn't made the transition as well as Rondon, but he's still just 20.  A few too many HRs and walks so far.

Mike Pontius (EVEN): Entered the realm of the interesting by putting up videogame numbers in Lake County.  Has still been striking out better than a guy an inning in Kinston, but has lost his control and gotten hitten around pretty badly.

Kelvin De La Cruz (UP): Chasing Rondon for the title of most exciting young pitcher in the system. 

Other young guys to look out for in the 2nd half:

Joey Mahalic and Chris Archer: young pitchers in the Lake County rotation with interesting stuff

Jeremie Tice and Lonnie Chissenhall: Two 2008 draftees in Mahoning Valley.  Tice has been tearing it up since he got there, Chisenhall's been a little up and down.

Matt McBride: Catching prospect working his way back into playing shape.  Look for him to get promoted up to Kinston soon.

Abner Abreu: I wouldn't suggest making a habit of getting excited by GCL prospects.  But Abreu is an 18-year old Dominican 3B who is putting up a legitimate .299/.349/.636 line in Florida.


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