On Joining the Media and Asking Real Questions

"Um, Mark, does it suck to just let another awesome player walk away?"

"Mark, did you think about trying to trade for Thome or Manny or Sexson or Albert Belle?"

"Hi Mark, Paul Hoynes here.  Have you seen my wallet?  I can't find the damn thing."

Yep, it's dreadful.  It's practically soul-crushing to try to endure garbage like that.  And we know that Paul and Sheldon are going to ask the lowest-common-demoronator questions, but who let Kevin Keane in?  Is this a big practical joke or something?

"Mark, why don't you just trade Grady now, cause obviously you hate Cleveland fans, right?"

During the press conference thread, several posters debated the idea of trying to get credentialed for that kind of event.  I'd say it's easier than most people realize, but there are longer-term effects to consider.

First, creativity can help if you really want to get in.  I wanted to ask Bruce Arena some questions during the World Cup qualifying run in 2001 so I fudged my way into the press room.  Ended up as the only American asking questions in Spanish to Mexico's manager.  Heh.

But I'd guess that the Tribe runs a little tighter ship.  So if you wanted to get in, you'd have to establish a long-term media interest.  And that would bring us back to whether we even want LGT to become that kind of outfit.

Jay has, of course, addressed this issue before.  LGT is a very different animal, and I give Jay some credit for sort-of defending the Sheldons of the world (though he and I disagree to some extent; I'm much more demanding, deadlines or not).  But I think it's likely that if the LGT community -- more specifically, Jay and Ryan -- decided they truly wanted to become part of the credentialed media for events like this, they could do it.  But once that first credential arrives, things change.  Expectations change for the site, and the role of the site changes.

The real solution to the credentialed press' shenanigans is probably not to alter the nature of sites like LGT (though I'm open to the idea, and I've already advocated for traditional media to cut new trails by hiring the best bloggers).  But the easiest way to get better questions is for the traditional media to perceive a problem and make changes.  That doesn't happen, though, unless there is a considerably large outcry, and we all know that the bottom feeders at aren't upset with Hoynes, they're upset with Shapiro and Dolan.

Bottom line, I guess, is that while it sucks, it's not likely to change.  And even if you wanted to elbow your way in on behalf of LGT, you'd have to be willing to see some real changes here first.

"Last question, Mark.  Why trade for a guy who isn't PROVEN to be an All-Star?  You're trading a Cy Young!  You have to get PROVEN RESULTS THAT CAN BE, LIKE, PROVEN!  I'M BILL LIVINGSTON AND I AM SO PISSED!"

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