AL Central Recap-May

AL Central Recap-May

Sorry, the data is a couple days old and this isn’t incredibly well-researched. My internet connection, currently, is impossibly slow. Hopefully, some of you still find it worthwhile.  For what it’s worth, I like the Twins to take the division with about 85 wins, couple games ahead of the Tigers.

 Detroit Tigers (28-22)

The Offense (256 Runs Scored, 8th in league, .337 OBP, 8th, .422 Slugging, 9th)

Storylines: Brandon Inge, after a torrid April, is back to hitting like Brandon Inge. The offense is decidedly mediocre. Maybe Ordonez heats up and maybe Guillen gets healthy.

The Pitching (216 Runs Allowed, 1st in the league, 350 K, 7th, 166 BB, 5th)

Storylines: A quick and dirty look at the numbers would suggest that the Tigers are due for some regression on the pitching side as the results far outpace their peripherals. Verlander had a superior month. After only two months, the Edwin Jackson trade is paying giant dividends. Rick Porcello is 20. What he’s doing is nothing short of incredible.

Chicago White Sox (25-26)

The Offense (218 Runs Scored, 11th in the league, .324 OBP, 12th, .396 Slugging, 12th)

Storylines: Carlos Quentin has hit the DL with Plantar Fascitis. Josh Fields is struggling at the plate and is not a noted gloveman, either. Coincidentally, Gordon Beckham has played some third since moving up to AAA, though he could easily replace Getz as well. The three old sluggers are the extent of the offense.

The Pitching (228 Runs Allowed, 2nd in the league, 347 K, 8th, 170 BB, 7th)

                Storylines: Jake Peavy had his choice of becoming a member of the rotation and he decided in the negative. Danks and Floyd are struggling to repeat their breakout campaigns of last year. Mark Buehrle continues to take the ball every 5th game, work deep into games, and prevent runs at a better than average clip.

Minnesota Twins (26-27)

The Offense (261 Runs Scored, 7th in the league, .347 OBP, 6th, .430 Slugging, 7th)

Storylines: Joe Mauer is back, oh boy is he back. Justin Morneau, while not as good as his MVP voting totals would suggest, is a very good ballplayer. He never gets hurt. Kubel and Span , and Cuddyer (when healthy) have complimented the Big 2 nicely when healthy.

The Pitching (254 Runs Allowed, 10th in the league, 311 K, 12th, 147 BB, 1st)

                Storylines: The struggles here are surprising. Liriano just can’t seem to find it. Kevin Slowey has been good. His excellent command of the zone allows him to consistently work deep into games. Nick Blackburn’s smoke and mirrors act should expire at some point.

Kansas City Royals (23-28)

The Offense (209 Runs Scored, 12th in the league, .325 OBP, 11th, .405 Slugging, 11th)

                Storylines: This offense, quite simply, isn’t any good, and not likely to get any better. Kila Ka’aihue could probably produce more than Mike Jacobs and they could use Leo Nunez in the bullpen. I continue to be dumbfounded by the trade.

The Pitching (231 Runs Allowed, 4th in the league, 353 K, 5th, 165 BB, 4th)

                Storylines: Zach Greinke is having a special season. Good for him. Soria continues to pitch sporadically due to health. Brian Bannister and Kyle Davies have cooled off, after hot starts.



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