Your Shoddily Done Cleveland Gift Guide


With the holidays upon us, perhaps you're wondering what to get that special Tribe fan for Christmas or as a late Hanukkah gift. Don't worry—as with everything else, the internet has answers. From Etsy, a marketplace where users sell all sorts of things but, especially, sell things they make, you can commemorate the life of Ray Champan with this painting reproducing the armband his teammates wore to remember him, seen left.

This is from Cleveland artist Dana Depew, who actually has a lot of things in his Etsy store that you might want to check out, including another patch reproduction, but this time for the pitchers who tragically died in a boating accident prior to the 1993 season, Steve Olin and Tim Crewes, an awesome Cleveland Tankers Maritime House Flag painting, a remembrance of the Cleveland Crusaders, and something for those of you still pining for the Red Barn.

All of this is in the $30-$75 range. Sincerely, these seem like cool gifts.

More ideas after the jump.

If remembering Ray Chapman every time you enter your living room isn't enough to make your holiday a sobfest, maybe a sneering, 1970s styled CC Sabathia bobblehead is more your style. Still no? Well, what if I offered you an automated drink pourer that was made in Cleveland, or something like that? It would pair excellently with a home bar featuring a Cleveland skyline decal; of course, don't let me my enthusiasm for home bars keep you from putting it over your bed, as the seller's example suggests.
Someone named PhoebeMarie will help you remember Cleveland no matter where you are by wearing your memories around your neck, in a cool mini-polaroid. That's the Old Lift Bridge to the right.  You can also continue your grudge against LeBron with a baby tee, think of Cleveland when you look at your new cross-stitch, or learn your Cleveland history with a vintage, 19th century street map of the city.

If it really needs to be Indians for you, then ebay might be a better fit.


There's an old newspaper clipping with a photo of Bob Feller available, if you happen to collect old newspapers. If you're more of a position-player fan, you might want to spend serious cash on this Larry Doby poster or, less cash on this vintage Travis Hafner/Grady Sizemore one, which the seller has erroneously listed under "Art." There's always lots of weird Indians clothing on ebay, and the head of the pack today is this half-nascar jacket/half-chef's smock piece of Indians outerwear.

Of course, the Indians team shop still exists but their best item for years running looks a lot worse since, you know, Grady Sizemore's career disappeared. Don't worry though, discounts are available on the Slider doll, #1 on my list. I'll be hoping to curl up with that and a few pairs of Indians tickets once my holidays are over. What's on your list?

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