top 30 prospects

I know a lot of Top 10 lists have been published, linked to and discussed here, and most observers give high marks for the current state of the tribe farm system for its depth of legit ML prospects. I put together my own "top 30" to get a read on that depth, and I thought I might as well post it here during the lull before ST.

I spent some time on it, weighing the usual considerations of ceiling, maturity of skills, age and level. I also weighed injury history, so that a player like Kelvin de la Cruz shows up a little lower than you might expect given an added uncertainty of return to form.

I think the "plus depth" rating shows - you can go over 20 deep on the list and have players that project to at least make it to the show at some point. I don't think we've ever had that kind of depth, and regardless of the number of blue chip prospects therein and what trades were made to supplement it, the current snapshot of the farm comes close to matching the vision Shap initially laid out. Of course, it remains to be seen if it provides the raw material to realize the primary goal - consistently competitive ML clubs (ours, hopefully!).

FYI, Tony Lastoria is doing his top 50 on his blog, and just hit #30 (Bryan Price, who didn't make the cut on mine). I recommend following it, since his scouting reports are more detailed than they've been previously (presumably from his expanding contact list of scouts and coaches both within and outside the Tribe system). He also posts video that usually has a slo-mo element that is kinda cool to watch, especially for pitchers.

So, my Top 30:

1- Carlos Santana

2 - Lonnie Chisenhall

3 - Hector Rondon

4 - Alex White

5 - Michael Brantley

6 - Carlos Carrasco

7 - Nick Hagadone

8 - Jason Knapp

9 -Alex Perez

10 - TJ House

11 - Nick Weglarz

12 - Lou Marson

13 - Abner Abreu

14 - Jeanmar Gomez

15 - Jess Todd

16 - Carlos Rivero

17 - Scott Barnes

18 - Kelvin De La Cruz

19 - Josh Judy

20 - Jason Donald

21 - Zach Putnam

22 - Jason Kipnis

23 - Eric Berger

24 - Jordan Brown

25 - Beau Mills

26 - CC Lee

27 - Frank Herrmann

28 - Wes Hodges

29 - Paulo Espino

30 - Delvi Cid

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