MLB The Show: Indians 2011

The Indians have been my team since I was a kid. I remember back to the days of a child, playing MLB 95 in my basement and having a record of 47-0 before I accidentally deleted my season and was upset for days. Flash Forward about 15 years and I have been playing the virtual baseball games almost every year. This year is no different, the day MLB The Show came out I picked it up as soon as the store opened. What is different between now and when I was a child is that I am a real fan of realism which is why this game suits me so much. I decided to start another year of franchise with my Indians.

The reason for this post is to show the crazy about of realism that is MLB: The Show '11. I will now show what the first 63 games of the season has brought to my Indians:

First, I would like to talk about some managerial moves I made for the Indians. I again am only interested in realism so I try to make as few trades as possible and as fair as possible.


Indians Trade: Fausto Carmona, Jason Donald, Jeanmar Gomez, Chad Durbin

Nationals Trade: Jordan Zimmerman, Mike Morse, Sean Burnett, and Danny Espinosa

Also: Marson was waived outright.


Through 63 Games- I am 31-32 and in 3rd in the AL Central

My starting lineup is:

LF Michael Brantley .289/ 3HR/ 23R/ 16RBI/ 12SB

2B Asdrubal Cabrera .239/ 0HR/ 13R/ 9RBI/ 5SB

RF Shin Soo Choo .277/ 12HR/ 39R/ 37RBI/ 7SB

C Carlos Santana .260/ 7HR/ 26R/ 26RBI/ 0SB

DH Travis Hafner .270/ 16HR/ 30R/ 42RBI/ 2SB

1B Matt Laporta .262/ 9HR/ 25R/ 29RBI/ 1SB

CF Grady Sizemore .203/ 7HR/ 21R/ 18R/ 8SB

3B Lonnie Chisenhall .221/ 5HR/ 16R/ 16RBI/ 2SB

2B Orlando Cabrera .247/ 3HR/ 17R/ 12RBI/ 6SB



Danny Espinosa: .203/ 2HR/ 12R/ 8RBI/ 2SB

Mike Morse: .245/8HR/ 16R/ 25RBI/ 1SB

Austin Kearns: .167/ 2HR/ 7R/ 9RBI/ 0SB

Chun-Hsiu Chen .216/ 0HR/ 4R/ 1RBI/ 0SB


Starting Rotation:

RHP Justin Masterson: 8-3 /1.82ERA /87K /1.01WHIP

RHP Carlos Carrasco: 5-4/ 4.52ERA/52K/1.28WHIP

RHP Jordan Zimmerman 2-4/ 3.33ERA/ 65K/ 1.30WHIP

RHP Alex White 0-1/ 6.23 ERA/ 6K/ 1.46WHIP (Just brought up, Tomlin on DL)

RHP Mitch Talbot 2-4/ 4.71ERA/ 50K/ 1.28 WHIP



RHP Zach Putnam 2-1/ 2.78ERA/ 20K/1.19WHIP

LHP Sean Burnett 2-2/ 3.60ERA/ 27K/ 1.27WHIP

RHP Joe Smith 2-0/ 0.92ERA/ 20K/ 1.02WHIP

LHP Tony Sipp 4-1/ 2.86ERA/ 24K/ 1.27WHIP

RHP Justin Germano 2-2/ 2.88ERA/ 19K/ 1.00WHIP

LHP Rafael Perez 1-4/ 3.60ERA/ 17K/ 1.15WHIP

RHP Chris Perez 0-2/ 2.13ERA/20K/ 0.95WHIP/ 19SV


General MLB Stats:

BA .244 (29th)

ERA 3.49 (5th)

HR 68 (16th)



Yes, I brought up Lonnie at the beginning of the year. I just am not interested in waiting on him and I was hoping he would make an impact. Obviously, he seems to struggle against big league pitching. He is currently platooned with Mike Morse depending on if there is a righty or southpaw pitcher.

Asdrubal hasn't hit one out for me yet. He has many wall shots this year though.

Travis Hafner is hitting his 2006 self. He was hitting above .300 for most of the season until about 10 games ago when he and Matt Laporta hit cold spells.

Carlos Santana spent some time on the DL and was hitting below .200 until recently he has been on a tear.

I got rid of Marson because I haven't been able to stand his awful lack of hitting. Chen isn't much better.

I traded Fausto because I cannot stand his lack of command, he is too difficult to manage in some games and falls apart easily. Zimmerman is a much better fit.

Tony Sipp/Joe Smith/Chris Perez really hold the bullpen together, Raffy Perez gives up a lot of first pitch longballs.


If anyone has any suggestions, I am all ears if you would like to see something changed. Or if you have any questions or interest, feel free to ask!

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