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anyone willing to pony up the cash.

I love that Baseball-Reference's fundraising consists of allowing sponsorship of individual player pages, so much that I'll spend 5x as much time on the website as I planned on after only going there to find out Vinny Pestano's BABIP vs. lefties (it's .167).  Spurred on by divisional SBN rival Royals Review's post, I thought I'd run down the list of players making an appearance thus far in 2011.

Speaking of Vinny?  He's the best buy at only $15.  More after the jump.

Who's available?

Grady Sizemore $165 205

Travis Hafner $75 $115

Alex White n/a $85

Adam Everett $55

Travis Buck $45

Jack Hanahan $40 $60

Carlos Carrasco $30 $45

Mitch Talbot $30 $45

Joe Smith $30 $25

Rafael Perez $25

Justin Germano $25 $20

Josh Tomlin $20 $50

Jeanmar Gomez $15 $25

Vinny Pestano $10 $15

* One quick note here; I started compiling this last week Thursday; since then some prices have changed, some significantly, and most increased.

Grady is clearly the top commodity available and likely to be picked up if his first 12 games are any indication of what's to come, and Pronk was a reasonable value buy at $75, and $115 is probably fair.  The wave of veterans following White (who was unavailable for sponsorship as of Thursday) are questionable purchases at $55, $45, and $40 $60, respectively, and likely due to the amount of page clicks they've drawn over the years.  Thereafter, you have to love the value provided by CarCar, Tomlin, and He Who Only Throws Fastballs, although Tomlin's 100% increase may be tougher to swallow.

So those guys can be yours.  Now let's see who has plunked down their cold hard cash for your 2011 Cleveland Indians:


Carlos Santana sponsor(s) this page.

Here's to one of the game's best young catchers. Let's go Tribe!

The website lists athlete Twitter accounts (not much else), and is run by someone angling to be a social media consultant in the sports world.  While sponsoring someone bound to attract many page clicks, maybe sponsoring a player with, you know, a Twitter account might have been a good angle.


Matt LaPorta

Forest City Fanatics sponsor(s) this page.

A sports blog for and by fans of the Cleveland Indians, Cleveland Browns, Cleveland Cavaliers, Ohio State Buckeyes, and other Ohio sports miscellany.

Not sure if the blog's any good, but at least it's active.


Orlando Cabrera, Justin Masterson, and Fausto Carmona

Sim Dynasty - home of Sim Baseball sponsor(s) this page.

Free online multiplayer simulated baseball. Make all the decisions real MLB owners, GMs, and Managers make. Draft a fictitious franchise, set your lineup, groom prospects, and guide your team for 20+ seasons. It's the next generation of fantasy baseball!

Based on the Indians sponsors and RR's post, Sim Dynasty would appear to be pretty active in sponsorship at B-Ref.  In my opinion, it's probably a cheap source of advertising that hits its target market fairly well.  An interesting mix here, possibly just the result of who was available at the time of sponsorship.


Asdrubal Cabrera and Shin-Soo Choo

Alex LOGIC sponsor(s) this page.

Before you broadcast your national commercial spot, get an expert's unbiased professional evaluation.

Media consulting services provided by Alessandro Machi, who really should be doing things for Domingo Ayala and not filming the Newport Beach Boat Parade.


Austin Kearns -- It Isn't Just Books sponsor(s) this page.

"He is an experienced right-handed bat with power", said Joe Girardi the day the Yanks obtained him (while failing to comment on Lance Berkman)

It appears to be a NYC-centric website.  They really wanted to capitalize on his 2 months as a true yankee.


Michael Brantley, Tony Sipp and Chris Perez sponsor(s) this page.

Look for the Cleveland Indians Organizational Outlook 2011. Coming early 2011

Well, that outlook never came, and they didn't even bother to hotlink their website, but kudos to them for pegging Brantley for investment.  If they cared, they may want to update their blog, as October 2010 is the last post.


Shelly Duncan

Blogging the Bombers sponsor(s) this page.

Daily News Yankees beat writer Mark Feinsand blogs on the Bombers all season long

Thank you for your dirty money, and I'm glad he's ours now.


Lou Marson

The B-List Indians Blog sponsor(s) this page.

The B-List is a proud sponsor of Tofu Lou. Part of the ESPN SweetSpot family of blogs and, the B-List is your home for humorous analysis, analytic humor, and comparing players to fungi.

Claims to be part of the ESPN family of blogs; I wouldn't know.  I'm also not sure about the Tofu Lou thing.  But hey, at least again, he updates his website.


Chad Durbin

A Phillies Fan sponsor(s) this page.

Nice inning on 10-11-09. Even nicer in Game 5 of the NLCS!!

This page was sponsored just after the NLCS game 5 referenced above; unfortunately, his performance thereafter in the World Series was not as memorable, giving up 4 ER on 3 H, 2 BB in 1.1 IP and two appearances.


and finally...

Frank Hermann

Chief Wahoo's Trail of Tears sponsor(s) this page.

Where the Kaz Tadano film festival lives on.

And on that note... I'm about to find $20 to sponsor Germano's page with this video and pretend that the "G" is pronounced differently until Hermann's page becomes available again.

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