Game 33: Angels 6, Indians 5

Trumbo grounds one to Everett. Ninety-nine times out of 100, this is an out, and maybe nine times out of ten, the Indians would have won this stupid series.

NOTE: I posted a recap sometime around 9:00 p.m. last night, and evidently the system rejected it, or ate it, or something. Rather than attempt to re-create it, I'm just going to plagiarize the very astute recap of some other guy named Jay, from the comment thread below. "Our best stories are in the comments," or something like that. Take it away, TribeJay ...

So this is what the Angels had to have happen to take the series from the Tribe:

  • Get 5 infield hits off Masterson and extend the game long enough to get to the tired Tribe’s bullpen and their long reliever.
  • Manage to catch 7 of the 10 rockets/long drives in Friday’s game.
  • Have a ball go through the glove of a noted glove man to extend an inning that otherwise would have been over. That’s right, not off the glove, but through the webbing of the glove.
  • Get not one, but two choppers in a row to tie the game and eventually go ahead.

And this is with two of the best starting pitchers in the league starting for them in the series. You know what, if that’s what it takes, then I’m okay with losing the series. I’m fired up. This is our Cleveland Indians. Let’s Go Tribe.

To all of you who hate the Twins, you should hate the Angels more.

For those of you who still want LaPorta hitting sixth, if you’ve watched the games on this road trip, you should understand why Orlando Cabrera is hitting there now. He may be due to hit into a key double play at some point, but for now you have to appreciate how often he does what it takes to deliver that key run.

I’m high on LaPorta, mainly because of the special way the ball jumps off the barrel of the bat. But until he gets, receives, or is bequeathed a clue, he needs to stay at the bottom third of the order. Ideally, he’ll figure enough things out so he can eventually hit sixth later this year, but I want him where he is for the moment.



Highest WPA Lowest WPA
Asdrubal .162 Smith -.694
Sizemore .151 Choo -.172
Orlando .147 Carmona -.169
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