Free Indians Tickets - 9/20 or 9/23

Earlier this year I took my nephew to Jacobs Progressive Field to play catch on the field after the game. The event was rained out, so we got ticket vouchers to make up for the poor kids' broken hearts. I live in Northeast PA so I haven't made it back to use the vouchers and won't get the chance to, so I am offering them up to the LGT community!

Things you should know:

1. I have two vouchers, good for 2 tickets each. They are for Upper Box or Mezzanine tickets.

2. I will give each voucher away to separate individuals.

3. As previously stated, these are not actually tickets, they are vouchers. The remaining games they are good for are 9/20 and 9/23. The 20th is a day/night doubleheader against the White Sox. I do not know if they are good for either game. The 23rd is a night game against the Twins. That game also features post-game fireworks and is Dollar Dog Night!

4. To redeem the tickets, you must take them either to the Progressive Field Box Office or to any Indians Team Shop. Team shop locations can be found here.


How to qualify:

1. Be a regular LGT member. You know who you are. If there is any confusion as to whether you qualify as one, I will defer to the LGT Mods.

2. If there are not 2 regular LGT members that can be found, I will open it to other posters.

3. Be sure that you can go to one of the games. I don't want these to go to waste, so if you are unsure either get sure or don't enter you name.

4. If you want to be considered, please say so in a non-subject line comment. You must submit your comment by 6pm EST Monday, September 5th. At that time I will compile all the qualified members and draw two names out of a hat at random.  I will then contact the winners directly via email if it is posted on their profile. If your email is not posted on your profile, I will post the winners names here and ask you to email me directly.

5. If you win, the voucher will be mailed First Class to you on Tuesday the 6th (or ASAP).


Really hope someone can put these to good use. If you have any additional questions, please email me, don't post a comment. I will be away all weekend until Monday afternoon and email will be easier to access than LGT. Good luck and Let's Go Tribe!

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