Update on some pending site issues

(Also posted in the Welcome to SB Nation United thread, but I wanted to make sure everyone sees this)

A quick update on some pending site issues:

1) Comments. The comment number bug is being worked on – it’s not just our site, it’s the entire network. It’s a priority, and there are people working on it right now. Hopefully this will be fixed shortly. Until this is fixed, the “Most Commented” box 3/4 of the way down the right-hand side of the site seems to have the updated comments/new comments numbers.

2) Color Scheme/Contrast I’m also trying to see if the color scheme can be tweaked to include more blue. This may have to wait until the functional problems are dealt with (see #1). As far as the contrast is concerned, I believe that the whites are less whiter, unless I’m getting used to the site.

3) Layout issues. Based on some of the feedback in this thread and elsewhere, I’m making the following layout changes:

-On “stand alone” stories, photos will not be used (with some exceptions). This will reduce the scroll time needed to get down to the content of the story. I’ll continue to utilize photos on the Story Streams.
-Every story of any length can now be found by itself below the cover in reverse chronological order. This will essentially recreate the format that was present in the old blog. You may see a link to that story in the cover, but it also will be found below the cover as well. This has been done to allow readers to access either the story or the comments to the story in one click.
-The Cover will now consist of non-story content. This means you’ll be seeing story streams, videos, game threads/open threads, and selected non-LGT stories, but the real meat of the site (original LGT content) will be below the cover in reverse chronological order.

Also, I’m putting together a LGT site tour to explain the new layout/features, especially the features specific to this site, and that post should replace this one on the cover in the next day or so.

Thanks again for all your patience, and more importantly, your feedback – your responses and comments have really helped me determine how best to present the content on this site.

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