Chris Perez Diagnoses What Went Wrong, Points Finger at Acta

Chris Perez couldn't hold back until the end of the season. And really, did you think that he'd keep silent after Manny Acta was fired?

This AP article has I think most of what he had to say, which was a lot. I'd recommend going there first to read what he had to say in context, in case you think I'm selectively pulling only the inflammatory stuff.

"I'm not saying that a change earlier would have done anything," Perez said. "But sometimes we pressed the panic button. Why? A lot of things left you kind of scratching your head."

It may be true that Acta's inability to motivate the team exacerbated the losing streak. The criticism may here and elsewhere be spot-on. But ripping someone after they're gone like this isn't going to go over well wherever he ends up, for players and managers who are on the same team may be wondering, "what's he going to say about me when I'm gone?"

Perez insisted he likes and respects Acta, but disagreed with some of his decisions. Most of all, he wanted him to take a stronger stand in the dugout and the clubhouse.

"He's not very confrontational," Perez said. "We are men, we can handle it. Last year, he had two speeches — on opening day and the last day.

"It's not like we (he and Acta) had yelling matches. Actually it went the other route — seven, eight, nine days not even talking."

The last part was consistent with Matt LaPorta's comments from earlier this month - that Acta was not a hands-on manager.

Perez said he had a "very professional" conversation with general manager Chris Antonetti and came away with a better understanding of the organization's plans. He said he wants to stay in Cleveland and be part of a winner.

"If I didn't want to play here, the easiest way to get out was to tank," Perez said. "I didn't.

It's nice to know that he didn't tank, but at the same time, he's very naive if he thinks that Chris Antonetti won't pick up the phone the day after the World Series ends and tries to trade Perez. It's not only a good baseball move to make, it's also going make Perez's sound bites someone else's problem.

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