Some quick questions for the locals

Hi LGTers, this traveling baseball fan out of Atlanta would like to ask those of you in the Cleveland-local area a few questions. Naturally, as the excitement for a new season approaches, we have a lot to look forward to; in my case, I look forward to two things most of all - traveling to new baseball parks, and eating the food available in these places.

I'm very likely to make just a quick day trip up to Cleveland on April 26, on the day that the Indians are hosting the Royals, and knocking Progressive Field off of the list of MLB ballparks (#21 for me). That being said, I would like to ask you guys just a few questions:

  1. What's the traffic like in Cleveland? I haven't been there since I was just a fourth grader passing through with my family, and seeing Sea World, so my knowledge of what the roads are like, how light/bad the traffic may or may not be is not at reliable. I'm going to be on somewhat of a tight schedule, literally coming in in the morning, and probably taking the last flight out that same day.
  2. Furthermore, will I even need a rental car? I'm looking at maps online, and seeing that Cleveland has the RTA rail line. Could I feasibly just take the red line from CLE airport into Tower City station, and just walk to Progressive Field? Anybody have any estimates for how long such rides takes, or if it's like Atlanta's public rail system and is a joke and should be avoided like the plague stick to a rental noob?
  3. Progressive Field question itself: it's a 12:05 game I'm looking at, during the middle of a workday. Should I at all be concerned about not being able to get a ticket, and pre-purchase one now, or will I be able to fairly easily walk right up and get a right-field seat without much complication?
  4. Food. I'll pretty much have time for one really good meal, and maybe something to snack on at the ballpark. That being said, one breakfast/lunch meal in the city of Cleveland, what should I strive for? Also, anything unique good in Progressive Field?

If any of you guys would be so kind as to field my inquiries, I would be very grateful. I apologize in advance if this is redundant, or if there was a Cleveland visitor's post I clearly missed available somewhere, or if there were any other fanposts of this nature that existed before I came along. I searched for some general and vague terms, and came up with nothing prior to this. Any references, answers and advice are all welcome.

I've done a whole bunch of write-ups of my travels throughout the last four seasons, in collaboration with a lot of the cities' teams I've visited. If there's any interest of those of you here at LGT, I'd be happy to share my experiences in a similar fashion in my short stay in Cleveland.

Great American Ball Park - Red Reporter
Wrigley Field - Bleed Cubbie Blue
Miller Park - Brew Crew Ball
PNC Park - Bucs Dugout
PETCO Park - Gaslamp Ball
Dodger Stadium - True Blue L.A.
Angel Stadium - Halos Heaven
Tropicana Field - DraysBay
HHH Metrodome - Twinkie Town
U.S. Cellular Field - South Side Sox
Kauffman Stadium - Royals Review
Busch Stadium III - Viva El Birdos

Thanks again in advance, and I look forward to all the wonderful advice you guys might have for me.

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