Midway Minor League Leaders

Sometimes it is helpful to have this all in one spot, so here is a quick look at some of the organization's minor league leaders at the All-Star Break (numbers reflect performance in the minor leagues only, not any accumulated performance in Cleveland to date):


OPS: Matt LaPorta, .968; runner-up: Jared Goedert, .944 (** in 14 games in the AZL, Jorge Martinez has a 1.055 OPS)

OBP: Chun-Hsiu Chen, .409; runner-up: Tim Fedroff, .399 (** in more limited action, a large number of players have OBPs over .400, including Matt Lawson, Bo Greenwell, Joseph Wendle, Tyler Naquin and others)

SLG: Matt LaPorta, .575; runner-up: Jared Goedert, .545 (** Jorge Martinez again checks in here with a .639 number in limited AZL action)

BA: Jared Goedert, .333; runner-up: Lonnie Chisenhall .328 (in 28 games)

2B: Chun-Hsiu Chen, 26; runner-up: Cord Phelps/Adam Abraham, 22

3B: Tyler Holt, 7; runner-up: Tim Fedroff, 6

HR: Matt LaPorta, 17; runner-up: Jared Goedert, 13

TB: Russ Canzler, 146; runner-up: Matt LaPorta, 142

SB: Delvi Cid 21 (5 CS); runner-up: Francisco Lindor/Todd Hankins, 19 (7 and 2 CS, respectively)

SBnet (SB - 2*CS): Todd Hankins, +15; runner-up: Delvi Cid, +11

ISOpatience (OBP-BA): Roberto Perez, .135; runner-up: Ryan Rohlinger, .126

ISOpower (SLG-BA): Matt LaPorta, .271; runner-up: Jared Goedert, .212

BB/K: Luke Carlin, 1.25; runner-up: Ryan Rholinger, 1.03


IP: Joseph Colon, 104.2; runner-up: TJ McFarland, 101.2

ERA (starters): Steven Wright, 2.62; runner-up: Danny Salazar, 2.63

ERA (relievers): Grant Sides, 1.05; runner-up: Preston Guilmet, 1.99

K/IP (starters): Corey Kluber, 1.09; runner-up: Danny Salazar, 0.96

K/IP (relievers): Bryce Stowell, 1.63; runner-up: Jeff Johnson, 1.40

BB/IP (starters): David Huff, 0.19; runner-up: Chris Seddon, 0.22

BB/IP (relievers): Mason Radeke, 0.22; runner-up: Cody Allen, 0.22

WHIP (starters): Joseph Colon, 1.19; runner-up: Chris Seddon, 1.21

WHIP (relievers): Grant Sides, .087; runner-up: Preston Guilmet, 0.95 (**several relievers with limited work to date, like Trey Haley, have better numbers)

SV: Jose Flores 13; runner-up: Preston Guilment/Jeff Johnson, 12

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