Trade Deadline Rumors: Masterson "may" be traded, Dodgers also express interest in Choo

May 24, 2012; Cleveland, OH, USA: Cleveland Indians starting pitcher Justin Masterson (63) pitches during the second inning against the Detroit Tigers at Progressive Field. Mandatory Credit: Eric P. Mull-USPRESSWIRE

Editor's Note: this post will be updated with any further rumors related to tomorrow's trade deadline. If anything substantial happens (as in actual reporting that a trade has or is close to happening), I'll create a separate post for it (Ryan).

So says Danny Knobler of

Indians may deal Masterson; Rangers, Red Sox went to see him -

The fading Indians have told teams that they may trade opening day starter Justin Masterson, sources say.

Both the Red Sox and Rangers sent scouts to watch Masterson Saturday night in Minnesota, but he did not pitch well. After shutting out the Twins for the first three innings, Masterson allowed 10 runs (eight earned) over the next 2 2/3, to raise his ERA to 4.47.

We are now fully in the silly season known as the run-up to the trade deadline, so I don't know how much credence to give this. Maybe this is just one of many scenarios dreamed up in GM talks, or maybe it's progressed beyond that point. Unless the Indians are getting a massive return, dealing Masterson doesn't make much sense to me. He's under team control through 2014, and when he's on he's the closest thing the Indians have to an ace.

Also, there's this from Tim Brown of Yahoo!:

Count the Dodgers among teams interested in Choo.

I'm not sure there wouldn't be a team in baseball uninterested in Choo at this point, but let's say that the Dodgers are interested enough in Choo to start talking specifics. Would Choo (and his agent) be willing to negotiate an extension with the Dodgers as part of the deal? I know that with Boras that answer would probably be "no," but the Dodgers would probably be at the top of Choo's list given its geographical location and the large Korean community in Southern California. Just something to think about.

UPDATE: SBN's Rob Neyer weighs in on the decisions the Indians will have to make shortly:

Maybe the Cleveland Indians should be bystanders. Unless someone blows them away with an offer for Shin-Soo Choo, maybe it's best to keep plugging along, and let the fans keep dreaming their postseason dreams for at least another few weeks.

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