Cleveland Indians News and Notes: October 25, 2013

Craig Breslow - Jared Wickerham

Craig Breslow's unfortunate seventh inning, an Ubaldo Jimenez free agent timeline, and the end of John Farrell's playing days.

Last Night's Game

World Series Game 2 final score: Cardinals beat Red Sox with aggressive baserunning, hard throwers - Viva El Birdos

Cardinals 4, Red Sox 2: Craig Breslow gives away Game 2 of the World Series - Over the Monster

David Ortiz's two-run homer gave the Red Sox a 2-1 lead in the bottom of the sixth, but the Cardinals came back in the seventh with three runs to take a 4-2 lead. LGFT Craig Breslow made his World Series debut in the seventh, and it was a disaster. He replaced starter John Lackey with one out and runners on first and second, but the Cardinals quickly pulled off a double steal. Breslow then walked Daniel Descalso. Matt Carpenter then hit a fly ball to medium-deep left-center field, and not only did the runner score, but the ball popped out of Jarrod Saltalamacchia's glove, allowing John Jay to go to third. Breslow made things even worse when his throw to third sailed into the stands, allowing Jay to scored Descalso to go all the way to third. Carlos Beltran then singled home Delscalso.

So the Cardinals got the road win they needed, and go home with a 1-1 tie and (in my opinion) the leg up in pitching matchups. Jake Peavy, who will start Game 3, was knocked around by the Tigers in Game 4 of the ALCS, and Clay Buccholz, who is slated to go in Game 4, may be out of gas.

Indians News

Cleveland Indians trying to decide if they'll make Ubaldo Jimenez a $14 million qualifying offer |

Here's the expected progression:

  • Indians will pick up Jimenez's $8M 2014 Option soon after the World Series ends.
  • Jimenez will soon afterwards void the contract because a clause that kicked in after he was traded to the Indians. Technically Jimenez could void the deal at any time, but because free agency starts so soon, you would assume that he would do so as soon as he can.
  • Jimenez would then become a free agent.
  • The Indians would offer Jimenez the $14M Qualifying Offer (I don't there's any chance that they don't make the offer).
  • Jimenez turns it down. Or maybe he shocks everyone by accepting it, in which case he's under contract for the 2014 season at around $14M.
  • After that, who knows what will happen. If the Indians don't sign him, then we'll be rooting Jimenez to not sign with these teams: Houston, Miami, Chicago White Sox, Chicago Cubs, Minnesota, Seattle, Philadelphia, Colorado, Toronto, New York Mets. These are the teams selecting in the top 10 of next years drafts, so if any of them sign him, the Indians will not get an extra first round pick, instead getting a second round pick. As has been pointed out in the comments, it doesn't matter who signs Jimenez - the Indians will receive a pick between the first and second rounds. Where the team picks matters only if the Indians are competing with a top-ten team to sign Jimenez - a club that would lose a first round pick wouldn't be as aggressive as a club that would only lose a second round pick.

Boston manager John Farrell received a message from above that his pitching career was over |

Paul Hoynes relates an amusing anecdote from Terry Francona about the last days of John Farrell's pitching career.

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