12/13/13 News & links: Winter Meetings end, question marks remain

Is it too late to hope for St. Ubaldo's return? - Kelley L Cox-USA TODAY Sports

The Indians come away from the Winter Meetings without pitching help. Choo and other big names are still awaiting their fate.

The Winter Meetings have come and gone. While our Tribe wasn't too active, there was plenty of action around the league - though perhaps not as much as expected. Here are some highlights.

Indians news

Indians-centric recaps of Winter Meetings - Bastian discusses the Tribe's situation coming out of the Meetings over at Indians.com, highlighting goals accomplished and unfinished business. Tony Lastoria at Indians Baseball insider contributes his take on Tribe-related news from the Winter Meetings.

Is Bauer the answer for back of Tribe rotation? | Cleveland.com (Paul Hoynes) - Hoynes asks a question; does little to answer it; makes note of Bauer being "eccentric" and a rapper.

Winter Meetings and league-wide transactions

Winter Meetings recaps for the rest of the league - Fox Sports' Ken Rosenthal focuses emphasizes the Dodgers' lack of movement, CBS Sports' Matt Snyder touches on the major storylines, and Yahoo's Mike Oz tracks every transaction that's gone down over the course of the Meetings.

Grading every team's activity in the 2013 Winter Meetings | Bleacher Report (Joel Reuter) - Useful as a quick-and-dirty roundup, but nothing too deep here. For those not willing to suffer through the click bait-y slideshow, the Indians score a solid "D" based solely on the David Murphy signing.

What should the Phillies expect from LGF(aux)T Roberto Hernandez? | Fangraphs (Jeff Sullivan) - Spoiler alert: he could be good or he could be bad, but at least he's sort of cheap.

Rule 5 picks likely to make an impact | Bleacher Report (Mike Rosenblaum) - One of the few breakdowns of the Rule 5 draft I've seen that doesn't mention Russell Wilson.

Video of Rule 5 picks | Baseball America (Josh Norris) - For those of you who are REALLY into the Rule 5 draft, BA has a nice compilation of video clips featuring some of the draftees. Plenty of other Rule 5 analysis to be found throughout their site.

Home plate collision ban

Ban on home plat collisions make game safer | New York Times (Tyler Kepner) - Kepner pulls some good quotes from former MLB catchers.

Is the ban on home plate collisions going too far? | Boston Globe (Nick Cafardo) - Carfado provides a pretty predictable "tradition" based argument against the ban, but includes Terry Francona's thoughts on the matter.

Nifty stuff

Map showing birthplace of every current MLB player | MLBfarm.com- A fun little time waster. Sortable by team!

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