The Indians have signed 3 Davids, but who are baseball's BEST Davids???

Is there a name for being prejudiced against people who don't have a particular name?

The Indians have signed three new players for their 40-man roster this offseason: David MurphyDavid Cooper, and David Adams. You may have noticed they all have something in common. Why is the Tribe so fixated on that name, and does this mean we're going to see Carlos Santana traded to the Rays for a certain former Cy Young-winning southpaw???

If the Indians branched out to other sports, they could bring in probably the most famous European footballer ever (Beckham), one of the best kickers in NFL history (Akers), and two Basketball Hall of Famers, one an NBA MVP with two championship rings (Robinson), the other one of the greatest slam dunkers ever and two-time NCAA Player of the Year (Thompson)

If the Indians are willing to go outside the world of sports, they could bring in a musical icon (Bowie) or two (Lee Roth), one of the great talk-show hosts in television history (Letterman), an actor best known either for driving a talking car or hanging out on the beach with buxom blondes (Hasselhoff).

How about within the world of baseball? Who are the greatest Davids in MLB history?

10) David Robertson (2.76 ERA, 156 ERA+, 9.6 bWAR) - He's been one of the best relievers in baseball over the last five years (with the Yankees) and his 2011 (1.08 ERA in 66.2 innings, with 100 strikeouts) was fantastic.

9) David Bell (1,239 hits, 123 HR, 15.4 bWAR) - Part of one of baseball's best families, he played for 6 teams during a 12-year career. His best season was 2004, when he had an .821 OPS and played strong defense at 3B for the Phillies.

8) David DeJesus (.279/.353/.417, 22.5 bWAR) - The 33-year-old outfielder is currently signed with the Rays, and he's average 43 extra-base hits over the last 8 seasons, spend mostly with the Royals.

7) David Eckstein (1,414 hits, infinite scrappiness, 20.7 bWAR) - The 2006 World Series MVP has become famous as a old school/new school litmus test that it's often overlooked that he really was a very good player during his first couple seasons.

6) David Price (3.19 ERA, 122 ERA+, 18.6 bWAR) - The 3-time All Star and the 2012 AL Cy Young winner is only 28, so he's got time time climb, though I don't see him unseating the top pitcher listed here (who's very underrated).

5) David Justice (305 HR, 129 OPS+, 40.4 bWAR) - 1990 NL Rookie of the Year and a 3-time All Star who finished in the top 5 of MVP voting twice. He played 3.5 seasons with the Indians, including 1997, when he posted a 1.013 OPS.

4) David Ortiz (431 HR, 139 OPS+, 44.0 bWAR) - A 9-time All Star with 6 top ten MVP finishes, he also won the 2013 World Series MVP. One of the five best hitters in baseball over the last decade, and still going strong, so he may eventually become the first David in the Baseball Hall of Fame.

3) David Wells (1.88 BB/9, 2,201 K, 53.5 bWAR) - A 4-time All Star who finished in the 3 in Cy Young voting twice and pitched a perfect game in 1998. His walk rate is bettered by only Greg Maddux among pitchers who threw as many innings as Wells in the last 50 years.

2) David Wright (222 HR, 137 OPS+, 46.7 bWAR) - Already a 7-time All Star and has finished in the top 10 in MVP balloting 4 times. One of baseball ten best players over the last decade and still only 30, he's got a strong chance to overtake the top spot on this list in the next 2 or 3 years.

1) David Cone (3.46 ERA, 2,668 K, 61.8 bWAR) - a 5-time All-Star and the 1994 AL Cy Young winner, his 8.28 strikeouts per 9 innings rank 10th in history (min. 2,000 IP), and during his 12-year peak (1988-1999) only Greg Maddux and Roger Clemens were better. Impressive company, huh? He fell off the Hall of Fame ballot in his first year, which is a shame.


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