12/16/13 News and links: The high cost of David Price; Big Unit trade falls through

Oh, what could have been - Steven Bisig-US PRESSWIRE

The Axford signing is too little too late in trying to make up for missing out on Randy Johnson's majestic mullet.

The John Axford signing was the big news this weekend, but things are fairly quiet around the league otherwise.

Indians news

Indians sign closer John Axford | ESPN (Buster Olney) - Everyone knows by now, but Olney had the scoop over at the Worldwide Leader. Bastian confirmed the signing (pending physical). Likely a one-year contract, but still no word on the money yet as of the time of this writing.

Rays asked for Carlos Santana, Danny Salazar as pieces in David Price trade | Cleveland.com (Terry Pluto) - Apparently, Santana and Salazar were just the starting point, and Tampa was also asking about Francisco Lindor. Can't blame the Rays for asking, but obviously glad we didn't do this. Some other interesting tidbits in the article, but you have to dig down past the Browns news first.

Indians missed out on trade for Randy Johnson in 1998 | CBS Sports (Matt Snyder) - I never heard about this, so I found it interesting. Apparently the package of Dave Burba, Brian Giles, Richie Sexson, and two others wasn't enough to get it done. Makes for a nice Monday morning "what if?"

Sandy Alomar weighs in on home plate collision ban | Cleveland.com (Paul Hoynes) - Opinions on the ban amongst former catchers are split. Unsurprisingly, the 6'5" Alomar is skeptical.

Francona also weighs in, is obtuse | SB Nation Baseball (Rob Neyer) - Snippets from Neyer's interview with Terry reveal he still has quite a bit of the "old school" mentality in him.

Posnanski's "100 Greatest" series touches on former Tribesmen | Joe Blogs (Joe Posnanski) - Pos talks about the careers of Roberto Alomar (#82) and Gaylord Perry (#83). I never realized how good Barry Larking was in comparison to Alomar until I read Joe's piece.

Around the league

Mark Reynolds, potential future Jackass | CBS Sports (Matt Snyder) - Snyder rounds up rumors and notes from a "ridiculously slow" Sunday of baseball news. Of note is LGFT Mary Reynolds attracting interest from the Yankees, Twins, Brewers, Angels, and Rays.

Cardinals sign mark Ellis | ESPN - Terms of the contract not yet available. This was the most exciting non-Axford signing of the day. Yawn.

Yankees president to be investigated for comments on Mike Trout | Bleacher Report (Joseph Zucker) - MLB will investigate Randy Levine for potential tampering because of his comments about Mike Trout while discussing Robinson Cano's contract.

Ryan Freel suffered from CTE prior to death | Florida Times-Union (Justin Barney) - Freel's family revels that he suffered chronic traumatic encephalopathy prior to his suicide in December 2012. Freel was known for his "all out" play style, and it appears several major and minor head injuries throughout his career took a toll.

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