Indians news: Tribe trades Drew Stubbs for Josh Outman

Gary A. Vasquez-USA TODAY Sports

The Drew Stubbs era ends with a trade for more pitching.

The Indians have traded outfielder Drew Stubbs to the Colorado Rockies for left-handed reliever Josh Outman.

Stubbs was the secondary piece acquired in last December's trade that brought pitching prospect Trevor Bauer to the Indians. He started in right-field for the Tribe during most of 2013, but his production was below average, and last's month signing of free agent David Murphy made Stubbs expendable.

Outman is a 29-year-old southpaw who's spent parts of five season in MLB, originally as a starter, before being moved into the bullpen by Colorado in 2012. He throws a fastball, slider, and changeup, with the slider being his best pitch. He's been a bit below average in terms of run prevention during his career, and is too old to be considered a prospect, but he does give the Indians another candidate for the second left-handed position in the bullpen (behind Marc Rzepcnynski, who's a lock for the bullpen).

He's probably in the lead for that spot, because while his overall numbers aren't great, he's killed left-handed hitters. For his career lefties have put up a batting line of  just .186/.251/.272 against Outman, and in 2013 those numbers were .195/.278/.261. He allowed only 1 HR against lefties, out of 126 batters faced, with an impressive 11.32 K/9 rate. That makes him a strong LOOGY.

2008 23 OAK 4.56 6 4 25.2 1 8 19 91 1.636 0.4 2.8 6.7
2009 24 OAK 3.48 14 12 67.1 9 25 53 127 1.158 1.2 3.3 7.1
2011 26 OAK 3.70 13 9 58.1 4 23 35 109 1.457 0.6 3.5 5.4
2012 27 COL 8.19 27 7 40.2 7 20 40 57 1.648 1.5 4.4 8.9
2013 28 COL 4.33 61 0 54.0 3 23 53 102 1.463 0.5 3.8 8.8
5 Yrs 4.61 121 32 246.0 24 99 200 94 1.427 0.9 3.6 7.3

Outman will likely earn something like $1.25 million in 2014, which is $2.5 to $3 less than Stubbs will make, so there's some cost-cutting involved in this trade, and the Tribe didn't really have much playing time for Stubbs, so trading him makes sense.


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