Indians Friday News & Links: Catching up with Omar Vizquel; Buzz on Tanaka Posting

I once saw Omar walking to his yellow Ferrari with a woman on each arm after a game - USA TODAY Sports

Omar Vizquel was one of the most beloved members of the Tribe's hot '90's teams, and his relationship with Tribe fans is ongoing. Meanwhile, the Tanaka posting sends ripples throughout MLB.

Happy Friday to all those who had to work this week. Here's a few links to get you through till the weekend, when you can play with all those new gadgets the Fat Man brought you.

Tribe news

Vizquel's special place in Tribe history | Did the Tribe Win Last Night? (Steve Eby) - Great interview with former Indians great Omar Vizquel, wherein he talks about the "special" relationship with Tribe fans, among other things.

Francona brings winning culture to Cleveland | (Phil Rogers) - Terry Francona brought the Indians from thegutter to the grail pint glass in 2013 and aims to keep the club rolling in 2014.

Ten questions for the Indians in 2014 | (Jordan Bastian) - As the Tribe looks to build on its 2013 success, Bastian discusses some major question marks facing the team as the offseason continues.

Stubbs trade didn't save enough money to sign Ubaldo Jiminez | (Paul Hoynes) - Duh. Funny stuff as always in Hoynsie's mail bag.

Around the league

Lots of Tanaka news and analysis today...

Masahiro Tanaka officially posted | CBS Sports (Mike Axisa) - Unsurprisingly, the Yankees, Dodgers, Cubs, and Mariners are expected to pursue him. Dayn Perry weighs in on which of these teams need Tanaka the most.'s Richard Justice says Tanaka is an elite star who will be worth the huge contract he'll likely command. Jonathan Bernhardt at Sports on Earth discusses what Tanaka and the new posting system means for small market teams - long story short, it's good for small market owners, but doesn't make it any more likely that small market teams will sign japanese stars.

O's interested in Ubaldo | CBS Sports (Dayn Perry) - A roundup of yesterday's news, with a relevant tidbit that the Orioles are apparently in on Ubaldo Jiminez.

Murray Chass adds Craig Biggio to steroid suspects list | NBC Sports (Craig Calcaterra) - Murray being the obstinate windbag that he is does his best to sully another name.

Boom in minor league stadiums creates financial risk | Bloomberg News - Long but interesting read about the often hidden burden on taxpayers when new minor league stadiums are built. The piece touches on the fiasco in Eastlake, Ohio, just five minutes from where I grew up. I remember when the new stadium was built as home of the Captain and how it helped decimate the city's financial standing for years. This may be a bit too close to [deleted, politics], but it's a fascinating topic.

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