Cleveland Indians Sunday News and Notes: December 29, 2013

einen guten Rutsch! = Happy New Year! (in German) - Daniel Kopatsch

What a year 2013 has been for the Tribe. It was a magical season, and especially a magical September. From the ten straight victories to end the season, to Jason Giambi's miraculous game-winning home run against Chicago, to many other memorable moments, this year was one that should be remembered fondly by Indians fans. I'm hoping, though, that in future years 2013 is remembered only because it was the stepping stone to much more success in the years that followed.

Indians News

What are the Cleveland Indians doing with national TV money? Hey, Hoynsie! |

Payroll is a never-ending subject of conversation with the Indians. For a portion of the fanbase, the size of the payroll indicates how badly the team wants to win, and therefore whether the team is worth following. I don't think the payroll is necessary a proxy for competitiveness, as good players can make the minimum, and bad players a lot of money, but there's no doubt that a higher payroll is an advantage in that you lower your risk if a player doesn't work out.

Anyway, the Tribe payroll will probably end up in the $80M range, about the same as last year, which of course raises the question as to why it didn't increase because each team received $25M as part of the new TV deal. Hoynes' answer was that that money was spent last year in signing Nick Swisher and Michael Bourn. In other words, the Indians spent the money before they even got it. By jumping into the free agent market a year early, the Indians probably got more for their money, as there were fewer dollars available in the market last year. Because the supply of free agents didn't increase, the TV revenue money has created an inflationary effect in salaries, as evidenced by some of the deals signed this winter.

The dynasty that wasn’t: 1918-21 Cleveland Indians

Chris Jaffe of The Hardball Times looks at a dynasty that should have been: the late-1910s/early 1920s Indians. The Indians finished in second place from 1918, 1919, and 1921, winning the pennant just one time. Jaffe takes a look at why the Indians missed out those other years.

AL Central News

Comparing the 2013 Tigers offense with the 2014 lineup - Bless You Boys

The Tigers lost one-third of their typical  lineup this offseason (Prince Fielder, Jhonny Peralta, and Omar Infante), and will be essentially replacing them with Ian Kinsler, Jose Iglesias, and Nick Castellanos. Assuming Miguel Cabrera moves from third to first, these changes should make the Tigers a much better defensive club, but they probably won't be quite as good at the plate.

Moustakas rolls through Venezuela - Royals Review

Mike Moustakas has yet to really deliver on his enormous potential, but he's been hitting well in the Venezuela Winter League.

Twins Notes: Mark Reynolds and the Center Field Situation - Twinkie Town

No, Mark Reynolds isn't playing center field (that would be hilarious), but the Twins are contemplating signing him. He would be a bench player for the Twins, backing up Trevor Plouffe at third and Joe Mauer at first.

White Sox-Giants World Tour: Dec. 25, 1913 - South Side Sox

100 years ago this week, the New York Giants and Chicago White Sox were in the midst of a worldwide barnstorming tour. On Christmas Day in 1913 they were en route to Australia on a steamship.

Other MLB News

Yasiel Puig arrested for reckless driving in Florida, per report - True Blue LA

Puig was driving 110 mph in Alligator Alley the stretch of I-75 that crosses the Everglades. He was going 40 miles over the speed limit, which meant an arrest and some time in jail. This is the second time that Puig was arrested for reckless driving this year.

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