News and Notes 12/5/13: Tribe Fest set and Wayback Video Game Awesomeness

Our occasional third-baseman? - David Richard-USA TODAY Sports

We know that every day is Tribe Fest, but officially the team will be staging the event January 25 and 26. Also, some baseball video game awesomeness from Japan you must see to believe.

Tribe Related

Pitching is Cleveland Indians' priority at Winter Meetings | News - Duh.

Cleveland Indians' Carlos Santana to play third base in winter ball | News - More confirmation that the Indians will have versatile catcher Carlos Santana play some third base in winter ball in the Dominican Republic this offseason.

The Quietly Consistent Nick Swisher | FanGraphs Fantasy Baseball - One perspective on Nick Swisher

Cleveland Indians host Tribe Fest on Jan. 25 and Jan. 26 at Progressive Field | - Tribe Fest has been divided into three sessions over two days from Jan. 25 to Jan. 26.

Around the Hot Stove

NPB Officials Planning To Accept $20MM Maximum Posting Fee: MLB Rumors - MLBTradeRumors.comMLB Trade Rumors does nothing wrong in aggregating news on the negotiations to limit posting fees for Japanese professional players who wish to play in MLB. It looks like fees will be capped at $20 million, which will impact the upcoming posting of Masahiro Tanaka and possibly allow more teams to participate in the process.

Are MLB free agents really worth the money? | : Neil deMause Article - When baseball GMs go on their annual free-agent frenzy, do they have any idea if their signings are worth it? Let's do some real math that may explain spending millions of dollars on players like Jhonny Peralta. Call it a new kind of Moneyball.

Six non-tender names that could help your team | : Marc Normandin Article - Every year, a few interesting names, be they waiting to fulfill their initial potential or looking to recapture it, join the free agent pool this time of year. Who are these non-tenders and what they can do for your team?

Busting The Budget In The Bronx | The Rotation - The Yankees may just be the Yankees after all.

When will the Yankees regret the Jacoby Ellsbury contract? | HardballTalk - JoePos weighs in on Ellsbury deal

Obligatory HOF Voting Article

Who should be on your Hall of Fame ballot, and why. | : Jonathan Bernhardt Article - This Hall of Fame ballot had at least 20 quality candidates -- but there are only 10 slots. So here's the case for our picks: The 10 best candidates a writer could vote for once merit, era and the rules of the ballot itself are taken into consideration.


The Genealogy of Baseball Teams by HistoryShots - Did you know the Cleveland Indians were once the Grand Rapids Rustlers? Neither did I.  A wall graphic of the history of genealogy of baseball teams.

Witness the ridiculous pitching windups from this 1998 Japanese video game | - THIS IS THE AWESOME. ALL YOUR BASEBALL ARE BELONG TO THIS.

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