Veterans Committee Hall of Fame inductees announced

Kevin C. Cox

The managerial wing of the Hall of Fame just got more crowded.

The Veterans Committee has chosen 3 new members of induction in the Baseball Hall of Fame: Bobby Cox, Tony LaRussa, and Joe Torre will be enshrined next summer.

16 Veteran Committee members cast ballots, with 12 votes needed for induction. This year's three choices all received all 16 votes, with no one else received more than 6.

I don't really know how to evaluate managers, but Cox, LaRussa, and Torre were probably the 3 most successful ones of the last 30 years, so I can't argue against any of them belonging in Cooperstown.

Cox won 15 division titles (14 with the Braves, 1 with the Blue Jays), 5 National League pennants, and of course (and regrettably) the 1995 World Series. He won 2,504 regular season games.

LaRussa won 12 division titles as a manger (7 with the Cardinals, 4 with the Athletics, 1 with the White Sox. He won 3 pennants in each league, and also the 1989, 2006, and 2011 World Series. He won 2,728 regular season games.

Torre won 13 division titles (10 with the Yankees, 2 with the Dodgers, 1 with the Braves). He won 6 American League pennants and also the 1996, 1998, 1999, and 2000 World Series. He won 2,326 regular season games.

Each year the Veterans Committee looks at a different set of candidates, pulled from former players who were not voted in by the BBWAA and non-players (managers, executives, etc.). This year they looked at "expansion era" candidates, which they define as running from 1973 to the present. The other candidates they considered were:

Dave Concepcion

Steve Garvey

Tommy John

Billy Martin

Marvin Miller

Dave Parker

Dan Quisenberry

Ted Simmons

George Steinbrenner

I don't think I'd have voted for any of the players listed there, though Ted Simmons is underrated and has a solid case (the others had some really good seasons, but were largely more famous than great over the course of their career, and greatness is what I think the HOF should be honoring). Marvin Miller is far more deserving than George Steinbrenner, among those who weren't players or managers.

The BBWAA's voting results (which garner far more attention) will not be announced for another three weeks, but later this week I'll reveal the results of Let's Go Tribe's own Hall of Fame balloting, in which more than 200 people took part.


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