Lindor and Bauer Make Baseball America Top 100

Trevor Bauer. - USA TODAY Sports

Every winter the culminating release for Baseball America's prospect ratings is their overall Top 100 prospects. This year two Indians were included in the list.

For years Baseball America has been the premiere third-party source for information about prospects, whether they be in high school or college, in Latin America, the Far East, or in the minors. Over the past 10 years or so, there's been others that have provided other rankings (including SBN's John Sickels). But Baseball America is still the best and most comprehensive source for learning about prospects, so the release of their Top 30 prospects by organization, Top 20 prospects by league, and Top 100 overall prospects still rate as big news in the baseball world.

It was going to be a given that Francisco Lindor and Trevor Bauer would be included in Baseball America's Top 100 prospects, so the only suspense was going to be where exactly they'd be rated. Now, the suspense is over:

14. Trevor Bauer (was #9 in 2012)

28. Francisco Lindor (was #37 in 2012)

It turned out that Bauer was rated #14 (5 spots down from 2012) and Lindor was rated #28 (9 spots up from 2012).

If you go by position, Bauer was the 7th rated pitcher on the list, and Lindor was the 6th rated shortstop (if you consider Billy Hamilton a shortstop). Lindor obviously still has some maturing to do; he's probably a good two years from sniffing the major-league level, while Bauer will probably not be eligible for Baseball America's various lists next winter, as he's already made his major-league debut.

Dorssys Paulino probably came closest among other Cleveland prospects of being included in this list, but I doubt he was right on the cusp of inclusion. So after Bauer and Lindor there's a considerable drop off, though as noted before, there is high-upside talent in the lower levels of the system.

If you're interested in how the AL Central competition did:




21. Nick Castellanos, OF/3B

74. Avisail Garcia, OF

95. Bruce Rondon, RHP

Kansas City

24. Bruce Zimmer, RHP

35. Bubba Starling, OF

85. Yordano Ventura, RHP


9. Miguel Sano, 3B

10. Byron Buxton, OF

41. Oswaldo Arcia, OF

59. Alex Meyer, RHP

68. Kyle Gibson, RHP

72. Aaron Hicks, OF

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