Today's News from Bro-Year (3/7 Notes)

Hey, bro, how ya doin'? I'm great, bro! - Christian Petersen

Not one, but two articles on Nick Swisher, Kazmir works out his slider, and LGFT Shelley Duncan copes with family illness while trying to catch on with the Rays.

First, the news from Bro-Year:

Nick Swisher, now with Cleveland Indians, looks back fondly on his time with Yankees - NY Daily News: The happiest guy in the room - in any room, really - goes over to the iPod dock and turns down the volume on thumping music. New team, new town, but is it any wonder that Nick Swisher controls the tunes for the Indians, too?

Nick Swisher is not lacking in confidence and intensity, bro | HardballTalk :

I spoke with Swisher for about three minutes and I got no less than ten "bros." He’s so excited to be back in Ohio, bro! He’s stoked to be "one of 750 major leaguers, bro!" I mentioned that, like him, I once lived in Parkersburg, West Virginia and he said "I used to live out by the Cracker Barrel on Route 2, bro!"

Indians ride pitcher Justin Masterson's four shutout innings to win | News: Indians sinkerballer Justin Masterson set the tone on Wednesday, spinning four shutout innings to pave the way for a 4-0 Cactus League victory over the Dodgers at Goodyear Ballpark.

Justin Masterson, Yan Gomes lead Cleveland Indians to 4-0 victory over Dodgers | Justin Masterson and five relievers combined on five-hit shutout of Dodgers.

Scott Kazmir uses a 'B' outing to perfect an 'A' slider: Cleveland Indians Insider | Scott Kazmir takes a trip to the minors to refine his big-league slider.

Carrera making run at already speedy roster | News: Bastian's notes article, including notes on Carrera, Huff and Kazmir.

News from Beyond Optimism Central:

Anthony Castrovince: In life and baseball, changed perspective for Shelley Duncan | News: A non-roster invitee with the Rays this spring, Shelley Duncan has learned to put baseball in proper context after what his family has gone through the past couple of years.

Aeros promotions test limits of taste - Local - Ohio: Getting fans in the seats often requires creative promotion - a promotion every night this summer under new ownership.

Setting a Derek Lowe Baseline | FanGraphs Baseball: Could part of Derek Lowe's problems with the Indians last year have been the inability of his catchers to frame pitches well? Jeff Sullivan looks at Pitch f/x data.

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