MLB Final Score: Boston Red Sox 6, Cleveland Indians 3

What if that ball goes over Victorino's head? - USA TODAY Sports

Should have been a blowout, instead it was a somewhat interesting loss.

  • I know I'll be ducking virtual tomatoes after clicking 'submit', but I think this one could have been a lot worse, and the Indians played a decent game all things considered. I'll expand on this in the morning, but between Masterson's pitching and some nice defensive plays, that the Indians only lost by 3 runs is somewhat of an accomplishement.
  • *ducks*
  • The Red Sox came to the plate with a plan; to take Justin Masterson's pitches the opposite way, or as Tom Hamilton likes to term it, "oppo". Well, the oppoed Masterson almost out of the game in the early innings, but Justin somehow kept things together through five innings.
  • Corey Kluber did come in the game, but only for an inning, which was kind of a waste. Yeah, you didn't want to keep him in there after the Indians made it a 5-3 game, but now you most likely won't use him tomorrow, so they'll have to hope that Zach McAllister goes deep into the game.
  • Nice to see that Jason Giambi still has it. For a while there I though John Farrell made a huge mistake leaving Aceves in as long as he did, but the Red Sox didn't get burned too badly. Just think if Asdrubal Cabrera's line drive in the bottom of the fifth had fallen in...

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