MLB Final Score: Cleveland Indians 5, Houston Astros 4

Someone needs a new popcorn bucket! - Scott Halleran


Whew. That could have been disastrous, but it wasn't. So it's an ugly win, but today's win counts the same as yesterday's win.

Bullet time.

  • Ubaldo Jimenez threw the ball better, though it helped that he was facing a very aggressive lineup and not the Boston Red Sox. Even so, sandwiched between a long consecutive string of outs were two-run bursts, so as things turned out he allowed four runs in five innings. Four runs on four hits and one walk, which sounds pretty darn good considering his last outing. But he won't be facing the Astros every time out, so there's still lots of room to get better.
  • The Indians used the solo home run to score most of their runs today, and all of them were by a right-handed hitter or a switch-hitter hitting right-handed. Today's solo sluggers were Yan Gomes, Carlos Santana, Drew Stubbs, and Mark Reynolds.
  • For the first time since the first series of the season the back-end of the bullpen had something to do other than pitch in a blowout. Joe Smith, Vinnie Pestano, and Chris Perez each came out to protect a one-run lead, each gave up at least one hit with nobody out, and each somehow wriggled out of their self-imposed jams.
  • Mark Reynolds started at third base today for the first time this season, and what do you know, he had a screaming grounder hit towards him with two outs in the bottom of the ninth inning and the bases loaded. If he boots that ball, the Astros tied the game. If he doesn't get a glove on it, the Astros win the game. But he fielded the ball cleanly, and calmly threw over to first base to give the Indians the game and series win. In basketball parlance, that was a 50-50 ball.

Source: FanGraphs

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