From a Cardinal Fan: What Would You Want for Francisco Lindor?

I'm a Cardinal fan who has fun thinking about his team's future. It's well publicized that the Cardinals are or will eventually be looking for a long term solution at shortstop. Most talk revolves around trading Oscar Taveras for Jurickson Profar, which just isn't going to happen. To me, Francisco Lindor and the Indians seems like an interesting alternative possibility, by virtue of your need for pitching at both the major and minor league levels, and your depth at SS - 3 of your top 5 prospects are shortstops! But it's easy to concoct seemingly "fair" or "beneficial" deals from one side.

Here's what I'm interested in: hearing from Indians fans what they would be willing to consider, or what they would think is a fair deal, for the Cardinals to propose to aquire Lindor as our future shortstop.

I get that he's your number one prospect. If you think he should be totally off limits, I understand, I probably would too if I were an Indians fan. That's the way I feel about Oscar Taveras. I am asking a speculative question here, not saying this is likely or should happen. So if you think I'm crazy, feel free to ignore me. I don't think its likely anyway.

For those of you who would even remotely consider it, my question is: what would you want? Would you be looking for major league pitching that could help now? Are there holes in the field, improvements at certain positions, or bench depth that you would want tacked on too? Or would you want more future material, pitching prospects etc. My gut says both, or all.

Some groundrules:

1) Oscar Taveras and Shelby Miller are off limits. I understand you may think Lindor is worth one of them. I'm not arguing that maybe he's not (I don't think Profar is though, to betray my personal opinion), what I am saying is I don't think there is any realistic possibility the Cardinals would do that deal.

2) Keep in mind we could trade for Profar. So any package from the Cardinals that could arguably also be worth Profar is probably a bit to much to ask for Lindor. Not by much. But still. If they could get Profar for the package you suggest...they'd get Profar (hence rule number 1).

I've broken into categories the names that I forsee (from my perspective) being options as pieces on the Cardinals' side:

The Veterans: One but not both of: David Freese or Matt Carpenter. Jon Jay.

The almost-off-limits prospects: Wacha or Martinez (one not both). Matt Adams.

The most likely centerpieces: Joe Kelly, Trevor Rosenthal

The lower level pitching prospects: Tyrell Jenkins, Seth Maness, Seth Blair, Jordan Swagerty

I think those are the possible options on the board. I see Kelly and Rosenthal as good pieces for you because both profile as number 2-4 starters and both have the flexibility and experience to help in the bullpen. Rosenthal has higher ceiling as either a starter or closer. Kelly is a 3 or 4 or long reliever...but I think he is a very viable 3 or 4.

I will give you two packages just to show you kind of what I think:

Cleveland trades Lindor to Cardinals for Kelly, Rosenthal, and one from the lower level pitching prospects.

Cleveland trades Chris Perez (we need bullpen help if you haven't heard) and Lindor for David Freese, Kelly, Rosenthal, and Tyrell Jenkins.

Here's a link where you can look at all the Cardinals' prospects:

Ok, I'm really interested in what all of you think. If I'm just totally, crazy, that's fine, I just want to know.

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