MLB Final Scores: Cleveland Klubers Monarchists 10-3

Corey Kluber, as not seen in the Cleveland market. - Ed Zurga

Corey Kluber baffles the Royals, and the Cleveland offense has its once-weekly breakout.

It seems like the Indians have one of these every so often, just when we are all despairing about the team. Now I expect another week's worth of low-scoring games until we all get frustrated again.

  • Corey Kluber's outing was amazing on several levels. First, by any objective measure he had an outstanding start, going seven innings, striking out six, and not walking a batter. He was aggressive in the strike zone, and finished his night having thrown 97 pitches, 65 of them for strikes. Secondly, he did this despite not starting a game in two weeks.
  • The offense finally put some hits together, with some help from the Kansas City fielders. They scored twice in the first inning after Mike Moustakas botched a probable double play ball. Then Mike Aviles hit a three-run homer in the third, and the Indians were off and running.
  • Because of Kluber's seven innings of solid work, the bullpen came out of the doubleheader in decent shape; in fact, Vinnie Pestano and Chris Perez came into a blowout just to get some work in.
  • If the Indians win tomorrow, they will have finished this road trip 5-4.

Source: FanGraphs

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