MLB Final Score: New York Yankees 7, Cleveland Indians 0

Trevor Bauer - Jason Miller

The second game ends with a thud.

The good news is that the Indians split this doubleheader despite only scoring one run on the day. The other good news is that Trevor Bauer was better than his last outing, and pitched into the seventh inning.

  • However, I think Terry Francona tried to get too cute with his use of Nick Hagadone in the seventh. You got the feeling that he wanted Hagadone to at least finish the seventh so that he could finish the game with David Huff and save the rest of the bullpen. And I understand wanting to get him some innings so that he could work out his control problems. But it was a 2-0 game, and Masterson had given Francona the opportunity to use his bullpen aggressively in a close Game 2 by virtue of his complete game in Game 1.
  • Trevor Bauer wasn't as wild as he had been in his first or second games, and seemed to have a much better command of his fastballs. He was facing a AAA lineup for the most part; even though the Yankees were in town, most of their good hitters weren't. But he did show signs of improvement, and he'll go back to Columbus to work some more.
  • Vidal Nuno was a pitcher that only real minor-league die-hards would have recognized as once part of Cleveland's minor-league system, since he only pitched one season in a full-season league (Lake County, 2010). He only went five innings today, but that was plenty for a pitcher who had thrown only 23.1 AAA innings. I'll postulate that there was little to no video for the Tribe hitters to watch, and by the time they figured him out (4th/5th inning) he was done.

Source: FanGraphs

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